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Kabun Mutō (武藤 嘉文 Mutō Kabun?, 18 November 1926 – 4 November 2009) was a Japanese politician who served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs for a brief period in 1993.

Mutō was born in Kakamigahara in Gifu Prefecture in 1926. He studied at the Kyoto University. He was later elected to the House of Representatives of Japan.

Mutō founded and directed a minority studies group serving the Japanese government. Mutō replaced Michio Watanabe as Minister for Foreign Affairs.[1] After his stint as Foreign Minister, Mutō would later hold positions at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. He subsequently retired from politics in 2005.

In March 1993 he was appointed an Honorary Officer of the Order of Australia, for service to Australian/Japanese relations.[2]


Mutō died in a Tokyo hospital from pancreatic cancer on 4 November 2009, two weeks before his 83rd birthday.[3]


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