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Kacheliba Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of four constituencies of West Pokot County. The constituency has six wards, all electing Members of County Assembly for the West Pokot County Assembly based in Kapenguria. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections. Kacheliba constituency was created as a political constituency to take care of Kara-Pokot interests after many years of under representation in Kenya. The constituency was initially part of the Northern Frontier District of Kenya.

The constituency was created by the defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya via publication in Kenya Gazette.[1] The land that forms Kacheliba Constituency is a combination of part of Northern Frontier District now the Turknana District and land that was transferred from Uganda to Kenya.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP [2] Party Notes
1988 Samuel Poghisio KANU One-party system.
1990 Peter L. Nang’ole KANU By-elections, One-party system.
1992 Peter L. Nang’ole KANU
1997 Samuel Poghisio KANU
2002 Samuel Poghisio KANU
2007 Samuel Poghisio ODM

Kenya General Election, 2013, Mark Lomunokol, United Republican Party (URP)

Kacheliba Constituency[edit]

Constituency No: 0131

County: West Pokot

Population: 156,011 (National 2009)

Area: 3,856.20 km2

No. of County Assembly Wards: 6

County Assembly Wards No. Name Population (2009 National Census) Area (km2) Description

1 651 Suam 22,223 393.10 Kanyerus, Kopulio, Nakuyen, Karon, Kacheliba and Nge'nge'chwa Sub–Locations of West Pokot County

2 652 Kodich 22,539 283.80 Lokichar, Orolwo, Kalemngorok, Kodich, Cherangan and Karameri Sub–Locations of West Pokot County

3 653 Kasei 14,765 782.50 Kasei, Kamketo, Karokou, Sirwach, Korpu, Kachawa, Kaptolomwo, Ompolion, Kamunono and Sub–Locations of West Pokot County

4 654 Kapchok 24,684 438.20 Konyao and Kapyen Sub–Locations of West Pokot County

5 655 Kiwawa 28,235 938.60 Kases, Kiwawa, Chelopoy, Kauriong, Mbaru, Lopet, Chepropogh, Pcholio and Kamunai Sub–Locations of West Pokot County

6 656 Alale 43,565 1,020.00 Kopito, Lorsuk, Apuke, Kola, Kodii, Akoret, Alale, Naruoro, Amakuriat, Kalapata, Mekuyo, Lotukum, Nauyapong, Lokitonyala and Sasak Sub–Locations of West Pokot County

*September 2005.[3]


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