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This article is about an area of Punjab. For the village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, see Kachi. For the community of India, see Kachhi (caste). For the language, see Kachchi.

The Kachhi (Urdu: کچهی ‎) is a geographical region of Punjab, Pakistan. It lies between the Thal Desert and the part of Chenab which flows after its confluence with the Jhelum River at Atharan Hazari in Jhang District. Parts of the districts of Muzaffargarh (including Kot Adu) and Layyah form this region.

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kachhi is a community in India, which was involved in agriculture during pre-vedic period. Aryans, when they arrived from the Central Asia after crossing Hindukush mountain get settled near this plain area and might have settled their, after long time Aryan have moved to the plain of Ganga and Yamuna where this community (caste) is found at a large scale. Today also this community if involved in agriculture only. This community might have linked with this plain.