Kaco’ language

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Native to CambodiaVietnam border
Native speakers
unknown (4–5,000 cited 1981–2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
xkk – Kaco’
rmx – Romam
Glottolog lama1291[2]

Kaco’ is an Austro-Asiatic language of Vietnam. The two dialects, Kaco’ and Romam, are quite distinct. Lamam (Lmam) is a clan name found among the Kaco', not a distinct language.

In Vietnam, Romam (Rơ-măm) is spoken in Le village, Sa Thầy district, Mo Rai commune, Kon Tum province (Đặng, et al. 2010:115).[3]


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