Kadıköy İnciburnu Feneri

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Kadıköy İnciburnu Feneri
Kadıköy İnciburnu Light
Kadıköy İnciburnu Feneri is located in Istanbul
Kadıköy İnciburnu Feneri
Location İnciburnu in Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey
Coordinates 40°59′33.22″N 29°00′53.57″E / 40.9925611°N 29.0148806°E / 40.9925611; 29.0148806
Year first constructed 1977[1]
Construction Concrete[2]
Tower shape Conical[2]
Markings / pattern White[2]
Height 11 m (36 ft)[1]
Focal height 14 m (46 ft)[1]
Current lens 300mm acrylic Fresnel lens
Intensity 35 W[1]
Range 13 nmi (24 km; 15 mi)[1]
Characteristic White flashing every 4 seconds, 2 seconds long[1]
Admiralty number E4904.6[2]
NGA number 17360[2]

The Kadıköy İnciburnu Feneri (aka Kadıköy Feneri or İnciburnu Feneri) is a lighthouse located at the head of Kadıköy Harbor's İnciburnu Breakwater on the Anatolian coast of Bosporus' south entrance, in Kadıköy district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is across from the Ahırkapı Feneri, which is on the Rumelian coast of the strait at a distance of 1.5 nmi (2.8 km; 1.7 mi). A line connecting the two lighthouses marks the southern boundary of the Port of Istanbul.[3]

The lighthouse with a 11 m (36 ft) high conical shaped tower is constructed in concrete and painted white.[2] It went on October 13, 1977 in service.[1]

Kadıköy İnciburnu Feneri is equipped with a lantern of type Tideland ML-300 featuring a one-piece acrylic Fresnel lens of 300mm focal length.[4] It is powered by solar energy producing 35 W.[1]

At a focal height of 14 m (46 ft), it flashes white 2 seconds long every 4 seconds, which is visible at a range of 13 nmi (24 km; 15 mi) in the Sea of Marmara.[1]


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