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Kadri Veseli was born on 31 May 1967 is Kosovo Albanian politician, jurist, businessman, deputy in Assembly of Kosovo and vice President of Democratic Party of Kosovo [ PDK ]. Veseli in the past have been the chief of the Intelligence Service of the KLA. In 2014 December Veseli became Chairman of Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

Kadri Veseli
Born (1967-05-31) 31 May 1967 (age 47)
Brobonic, Mitrovica, SFR Yugoslavia now Kosovo
Nationality Albanian
Occupation politician, jurist
Known for Chairman of Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo and vice President of Democratic Party of Kosovo [ PDK ]
Religion Muslim

Early life[edit]

Kadri Fazli Veseli born in Brobonic village in Mitrovica, Kosovo Province Autonomy's in Yugoslavia was born into a large family He is the seventh child of the Veseli family where the family has lived in the community. Veseli has graduated elementary and High School Kadri Veseli as a teenager was influenced by political events in Kosovo.

Early Political activities and Role in KLA[edit]

In the late 80s He joined the illegal groups for the liberation of Kosovo from Serbia that the later will was known Kosovo Liberation Army. In 1991 he finished military training in the Albanian communist army camp. Later he took part in several operations with guerrilla groups in the area of Drenica, then he went to Switzerland and had met Hashim Thaci and Xhavit Haliti Later he was appointed Head of Unit intelligent of KLA named G2 Unit and there received the nickname Luli Kadri Veseli spoke about the founding years of the KLA, the time of liberation. In 1992, according to him, the KLA had attempted through Adem Jashari, meet Ibrahim Rugova. From 1999 he became a supporter of the Democratic Party of Kosovo and contributed to the Party of Hashim Thaci

The Leader of Intelligence Service of Kosovo[edit]

Political career[edit]

The Relationship with Hashim Thaci[edit]