Piyo language

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Native to China, Laos
Ethnicity Hani
Native speakers
330,000  (1995–2007)[1]
1.8 million all Hani
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
ktp – Kaduo
byo – Biyue
enu – Enu

Piyo (Biyo, Biyue) is a Loloish language of China, with a few thousand speakers in Laos. The people are ethnic Hani, and the "Bi-Ka" varieties (Biyo, Kaduo, Enu) are traditionally considered dialects. However, in the classifications of Bradley (2007) and Lama (2012), they are more distinct from Hani than other related languages are. Lama classifies Mpi as closer to Biyo dialect than Kaduo is.

Ximoluo (Chinese: 西摩洛; also called Enu) is a Bi-Ka language spoken by 14,000 people of the Hani nationality in Yunnan, China.[2]

Kaduo (Chinese: 卡多) is spoken in Mojiang, Jiangcheng, and Zhenyuan Counties of Yunnan by about 20,000 people (Zhu 2011). Zhu (2011) covers the Kaduo dialect of Shilong Village, Mengnong Ethnic Yi Township, Mojiang County 墨江县孟弄彝族乡石龙村.[3]


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