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Developer Yann Cochard
OS family Unix-like
Working state ?
Source model Free and open source software
Latest release 3.2 / September 19, 2007 (2007-09-19)
Available in French
Kernel type Monolithic kernel, Linux
License Various, mostly GPL
Official website kaella.linux-azur.org

Kaella (Kah-el-lah) is a Live CD adapted from Knoppix and modified to work with the French language. It is not a fork because it is rebuilt with each new version of Knoppix. Like Knoppix, Kaella can be installed to the hard drive by running knoppix-installer as root. It was created in 2004 by Yann Cochard and was managed by him since then.


"Kaella" comes from the words "Knoppix Linux Azur". In French, "KLA" is pronounced "Kah-el-ah," and the name was created to match this pronunciation.


A live CD of Kaella was distributed to all students in grammar schools of Auvergne in September 2005.


Kaella is contained on a CD and runs as a Live CD, so the user does not need to install anything on the computer's hard drive. It is a complete operating system, with all the software needed for a standard use including web browser, instant messaging, office suite, media players (images, pictures, sounds, video), games, are ready to use, with no need for any prior experience. To use it, boot the computer with the CD in the drive - as long as the BIOS is configured to boot from the CD. The distribution then boots after a varying amount of time, depending of the host computer's configuration.

This CD is very useful for beginners who would like to try Linux because it is very easy to handle, ready to use (no settings to set) and is in French. It is also very useful for any user whose hard disk crashed, since a hard disk is not required to run.


The latest stable release is Kaella 3.2 DVD.

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