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Sirpur Kaghaznagar / Kagaznagar
Kaghaznagar is located in Telangana
Location in Telangana, India
Coordinates: 19°20′00″N 79°29′00″E / 19.3333°N 79.4833°E / 19.3333; 79.4833Coordinates: 19°20′00″N 79°29′00″E / 19.3333°N 79.4833°E / 19.3333; 79.4833
Country India
State Telangana
District Adilabad
Elevation 174 m (571 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 57,583
 • Official


Telugu, English,
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Kaghaznagar is a town, and a municipality in the eastern part of Adilabad district in the state of Telangana in India.[2]


Sirpur Kaghaznagar (SKZR) are twin towns is located at 19°20′00″N 79°29′00″E / 19.3333°N 79.4833°E / 19.3333; 79.4833.[3] It has an average elevation of 174 meters (574 feet).

The nearest important cities are Nagpur 257 km (to the north) and Hyderabad 304 km (to the south). It is situated on the main rail route of Chennai – Delhi. It is connected with National Highway No.7 and also near to Rajeev Rahadhari connecting Hyderabad. Perennial river peddavagu which is a tributary of river godavari and pranahita river bordering Maharashtra flows near the town. The upcoming Pranahita-Chevalla project is located nearby.


All the three seasons are extreme in this region. Summer is extremely hot with temperatures exceeding 46 degrees due to the presence of Singareni Collieries nearby. December is usually the coldest month in this place with the temperature varying from 15 to 29 degrees Celsius.


Historically Kaghaznagar was the part of Gond Kingdom with its capital based out at Sirpur town. Also known as Kothapet, The new town of Kaghaznagar was founded by the Seventh Nizam HEH Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur. Kaghaznagar was named after Paper Mills ("kaghaz" means paper in Persian), initially it was called Kothapeta (new village). The Sirpur Paper Mills Limited (SPM) an integrated pulp and paper mill is one of the earliest mills in the country situated at Sirpur-Kaghaznagar in the district of Adilabad, Telangana; it began production in 1942. There was another Company called Sirsilk which had been closed down long ago. The area was initially a sub district called Sirpur-Tandur carved out in 1872 and comprised Edlabad (Adilabad), Rajura (now in Maharashtra) and Sirpur taluks. The district, named after Ali Adil Shah, ruler of Bijapur, was conferred its present status in 1905 with Adilabad town as its headquarters. Sirpur Kaghaznagar is the perfect boundary for Telangana State while going towards Delhi. This town is conglomerate of different religions. People from different regions and languages have come and settled here since long time.


As of 2011 India census,[1] the town of Kaghaznagar had a population of 57,583, with 28,649 males, and 28,934 females. The Present population of the twin towns of Sirpur Kaghaznagar is approximately around 100,000. There were a total of 5,576 children between the ages of 0 and 6 and 15,712 inhabitants were classified as illiterate.The town has a unique blend of people settled from different parts of India. Apart from Telugu Hindi and Marathi is also widely understood due to the town's proximity to Maharashtra. Bengali language is widely spoken in Easgoan village owing to settlement of Bengali refugees. The Literacy rate stood at 73.07 percent. [1]


Majority of people practice Hinduism followed by Islam and Christianity.

Mosque in Kaghaznagar[edit]

  • Masjid e UmmulMomineen Aisha Siddiqa رضی اللہ عنہ (Ahle Hadith, Indira Market)
  • Masjid e Amera (Indira Market)
  • Masjid e Jama (Spm Gate)
  • Masjid e Khadim
  • Masjid e Kousar
  • Masjid e Noorani
  • Masjid e Amirul Momineen Umar Farooq RA
  • Masjid e Rahmania
  • Masjid e Abrar
  • Masjid e Tayyeba
  • Masjid e Irfan
  • Masjid e EidGah
  • Masjid e Molina
  • Masjid e Muhammadia


Major Languages spoken in this area are Telugu followed by Hindi,Urdu,Marathi,and Bengali.



The railway station is major railway station between the border of Maharashtra and Telangana.The major junctions up north are Ballarshah in Maharashtra and Kazipet in Warangal district to the south. It is very well connected with the Railways and all major trains had a halt at this station like AP Express, GT Express, AP Sampark Kranti, Dakshin Express, Rapti sagar, Gorakpur Express, etc to name a few. There are two trains that directly connects Hyderabad starting from Kaghaznagar namely Telangana express and Intercity express.


The town is well connected with all major towns in the State of Telangana and Maharashtra

  • Hyderabad 304 km to the south.
  • Nagpur 257 km to the north.
  • Adilabad 146 km to the west.
  • Karimnagar 144 km to the south.


Kaghaznagar is famous for products like Paper, Cotton also the products from surrounding cottage industries. Fine Bamboo, which is main raw material for Paper that is manufactured here, is grown in large area for Paper Mill requirement. Kaghaznagar is famous for paper products. Small cottage industries have come up around this town in the recent years.


Rice and Cotton are commonly grown nearby. Most of the vegetables are grown at surrounding villages of Easgaon, Vemanpalli, Koutala and Bejjur as it has a thriving market for agricultural produce.

Places of Interest[edit]

  • Sirpur Forest Reserve
  • Trishul Pahad offers a seanic view of the town
  • Rose Gardens near Easgoan village
  • Gangapur Caves, Rebenna
  • Gollet picnic spot, Rebenna
  • Penganga picnic spot, Tokini
  • Vattivagu Irrigation project, Asifabad
  • Komaram Bheem Reservoir, Asifabad
  • Kerameri Ghat Roads, Asifabad


Sirpur is the assembly constituency for Sirpur Kaghaznagar in Telangana.

  • 1978 - K.V. Keshavulu
  • 1983 and 1989 - K.V. Narayana Rao
  • 1989 and 1999 - Palvai Purushotham Rao
  • 1999 - Palvai Rajyalaxmi
  • 2004 - Koneru Konappa
  • 2009 - Kaveti Sammaih
  • 2010 - Kaveti Sammaih
  • 2014 - Koneru Konappa


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