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Kahawa is a suburb and civic ward of Nairobi, Kenya.[1] The ward is part of Kasarani Constituency. Kahawa is located in the northeastern outskirts of Nairobi, along Thika Road.[2]

It was the site of a British Army base before Kenya's independence[3] and now hosts the Kahawa Barracks of Kenyan Army.[4] Kenyatta University is also located in Kahawa.[5] Kahawa was also home to Nakumatt Thika Road outlet, but it was demolished in 2008 to pave way for road construction.[6]

The word kahawa has an Arabic etymology, and means coffee in Swahili.[7]

Kahawa lies to the north of Githurai, a Nairobi suburb and settlement along the Kenya-Uganda Railway. Geographically Kahawa extends beyond Nairobi borders to Ruiru, containing the estates of Kahawa Sukari (literally coffee with sugar), Kahawa Wendani and Mwihoko.

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Coordinates: 1°11′S 36°56′E / 1.19°S 36.93°E / -1.19; 36.93