Kahl Nuclear Power Plant

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Kahl Nuclear Power Plant
VAK Kahl.jpg
VAK Kahl
Kahl Nuclear Power Plant is located in Germany
Kahl Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Kahl Nuclear Power Plant
Coordinates 50°3′32.83″N 8°59′14.2″E / 50.0591194°N 8.987278°E / 50.0591194; 8.987278Coordinates: 50°3′32.83″N 8°59′14.2″E / 50.0591194°N 8.987278°E / 50.0591194; 8.987278
Construction began 1958
Commission date July 17, 1961
Decommission date November 25, 1985
Operator(s) VAK Kahl
Power generation
Units decommissioned 1 x 16 MW
Annual generation 83 GWh (in 1985)

The Kahl plant was the first nuclear power plant ever to be built in Germany. It was located in Karlstein am Main and was an (at the time) experimental boiling water reactor. It was built by General Electric and supplied by Siemens. At the end of 2008, the demolition works had been finished.

The station was the subject of the 1961 short documentary film, Kahl.[1]

The plant in 2005.

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