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Kairana is located in Uttar Pradesh
Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 29°24′N 77°12′E / 29.4°N 77.2°E / 29.4; 77.2Coordinates: 29°24′N 77°12′E / 29.4°N 77.2°E / 29.4; 77.2
Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
District Shamli
Elevation 242 m (794 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 73,046
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 247774
Telephone code 01398
Vehicle registration UP-12
Website www.kairana.net

Kairana is a historical city and a municipal board in Shamli district. Shamli was declared as a district in September 2011 and was named Prabuddh Nagar by Mayawati, who was CM of UP (Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) at that time. In July 2012, Shamli got its original name back by Akhilesh Yadav, who became CM of UP in 2012. Prior to that, Kairana was a tehsil of Muzaffarnagar district. Both districts are located in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Geography and Government[edit]

Kairana is in the northwestern portion of the Uttar Pradesh state and is bordered by the river Yamuna. It has an average elevation of 242 metres (793 feet). Kairana is birthplace of a renowned school of Indian classical music, the Kirana Gharana.

Kairana is represented by a permanent seat in the National Parliament and in the legislative assembly of Uttar Pradesh. Kairana also has 6 courts (4 regular and 2 fast track). Kairana is a Tehsil of district Shamli and a municipal board. Kairana has several government bodies including a PWD office and a LIC office, a post office, two government hospitals, and five nationalized banks.


Vijay Singh Pathik Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya is a post-graduate degree college in Kairana. The college was established in 1999. There is one other degree college in Kairana, "J.P. Degree College of Commerce." Kairana also has four intermediate colleges that provide education up to senior secondary level, and more than 20 schools for primary education. There is also an engineering and management institute on Kairana-Shamli Road.

Kairana is also known for musical education. The genre of music "Kirana Gharana" is world famous for its "Khayal" singing. Ustad Kale Khan was the founder of Kirana Gharana.


During the Ancient period, Kairana, or "Karna Nagri," was the capital of Danveer Raja Karna's Anga Pradesh in Mahabharata. Some believe that Kairana name is made from "Kai and Rana," meaning place of Rana Chauhan Gurjars. Rana Kalsa Raj Chauhan came with two brothers: Rana Dev Raj Chauhan and Rana Deep Raj Chauhan from Ajmer, Rajasthan to village Panjeet near Kairana, and founded the city Kairana. There are 84 villages of Kalshyan Chauhan Gautra of Gurjars near Kairana.

During the Medieval period, Mughal Emperor Jahangir visited this place and has given a vibrant description in his autobiography, Tuzuk-e-jahangiri.

The Emperor said, "On Sunday, the 16th, I marched from Delhi, and on Friday, the 21st, halted in the pargana of Kairana. This pargana is the native place of Muqarrab Khan. Its climate is equable and its soil good. Muqarrab made buildings and gardens there. As I had often heard praise of his garden, I wished much to see it. On Saturday, the 22nd, I and my ladies were much pleased in going around it. Truly, it is a very fine and enjoyable garden. Within a masonry (pukhta, pucca) wall, flowerbeds have been laid out to the extent of 140 bighas. In the middle of the garden, he has constructed a pond, in length 220 yards, and in breadth 200 yards. In the middle of the pond is a miih-tiib terrace (for use in moonlight) 22 yards square. There is no kind of tree belonging to a warm or cold climate that is not to be found in it. Of fruit-bearing trees belonging to Persia, I saw green pistachio trees and cypresses of graceful form, such as I have never seen before. I ordered the cypresses to be counted, and they came to 300. All round the pond, suitable buildings have been begun and are in progress." [1]

Demographics & People[edit]

As of the 2011 India census,[2] Kairana had a population of 89000. Males population is 47047and females population is 41953 . Kairana literacy rate of 47.23%, which is lower than the state literacy rate 67.68%. Male literacy in Kairana is 55.16%, and female literacy is 38.24%. In Kairana,18.06% of the population is under 6 years of age. In terms of faith, 90% population is Hindus and 05% are Muslims.

Notable people[edit]


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