Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai

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Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai
Intertitle of Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai
Format Indian soap opera
Created by Balaji Telefilms
Written by Story
Nina Arora & Bobby Bhonsle & Binita Desai
Damini K Shetty, Bharvi Shah, Sonali Jaffar, Fatima Rangila & Archita Biswas
Damini K Shetty, Archana Joshi,Vinod Sharma, sharad tripathi & Deepti Rawal
Directed by Jitu Arora[1]
Creative director(s) Shivangi Singh Chauhan, Sandiip Sikcand, Aparna Dubey & Kripa Narayanan
Starring See Below
Opening theme "Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai" by Kunal Ganjawala & Priya Bhattacharya
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 331[1]
Producer(s) Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor
Editor(s) Sanjeev Shukla, Dhirendra Singh & Rohan Sawant
Cinematography Deepak Malwankar, Santosh Suryavanshi & Nikhil Sinha
Running time 24 minutes
Original channel Sony TV
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run March 29, 2005[citation needed] – October 5, 2006[citation needed]
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Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai was an Indian romantic drama-series that aired on Sony TV, produced by Balaji Telefilms, starring (Iqbal Khan) as Angad Khanna and (Neha Bamb) as Kripa Sharma. It is still remembered as the DDLJ of TV and remains to be a 'hot' fan favourite TV series. The story revolves around two core characters Angad Khanna and Kripa Sharma, who face many such challenges and obstacles in their way to unity and togetherness. A fraction of the story is based on the classic novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. The story therefore focuses very strongly on the Byronic hero Angad, portrayed by Iqbal Khan, who presents the same flair, passion and vulnerability as Heathcliff. The show was an instant hit due to the sizzling chemistry between the two leading stars and has been re-aired on television through fan requests, multiple times. The entire drama is now uploaded in HD on YouTube by SET India


It is the classic love story of two unique individuals, Angad & Kripa - as different as chalk and cheese, yet destined to fall in love.

This is a tale of love and romance laced with high ambitions, smoldering passions, conflicting values and the sweet trials and tribulations of lovers. Breaking away from stereotypical love stories, (Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai) with its believable characters and relatable story. Blended with desires, motivation, trauma, pain, challenges yet it was intensely passionate and effective as a romantic show.


Kripa Sharma (Neha Bamb), lives in a small hill station of Nainitaal. She has a passion for music and also is deeply and blindly in love with a very famous, young and dashing singer: Angad Khanna (Iqbal Khan), from Mumbai. She travels to Mumbai to join the Soul Music Academy which belongs to the Khannas in the hope of seeing Angad. Kripa and Angad's families are old family friends; she stays in Angad's farmhouse but is unable to see or meet him and is treated like dirt by his rich and arrogant family members except for his grandmother. One night Angad lands up drunk in the outhouse, stumbles upon Kripa, at that very moment is caught in a media fiasco which later is sorted out by the Khannas.

Kripa is crestfallen by their first meeting. Another night she sees Angad having a fling with a random girl in the outhouse. She hears Angad saying that he thinks "Love is a commodity" and only pretends that love is beautiful to preserve his public reputation. Kripa is in despair, since Angad was poles apart to the image of him in her head. She now hates him, refuses to acknowledge him when she officially gets to meet him. Than one day Kripa gets an offer to tryout for a concert with Angad. While she is rehearsing, Angad misbehaves with her. Kripa slaps him in outrage. Angad is furious and treats her disdainfully. Kripa refuses to do the concert but is forced into a contract by the Khannas. Kripa and Angad deeply hated each other during rehearsals, while their concert was a huge hit. Kripa befriends the Khanna business partner Prithvi Bose (Amit Tandon) who reciprocates her love, but they get into a love triangle: Prithvi loves Kripa, Prithvi's younger sister, Mishti Bose, loves Angad, but Angad comes to love Kripa as they get to know each other during their other meetings after the concert, mostly in form of a hateful interaction but, as they say, 'opposites attract'.

One night, Kripa and Prithvi's parents arranges for their engagement, but after Angad confesses his love to Kripa, she tells Prithvi she cannot marry him as she does not love him. There starts a beautiful love story between Angad and Kripa, but many people are upset with their relationship, like Naina Khanna (Angad's mother) Mishti and Prithvi. Naina hates Kripa because she does not belong to their high status: She plots to break them up. Naina shows Angad some false evidences indicating that Kripa and Prithvi are having an affair. This angers Angad, and he comes to believe that Kripa is a conniving girl out to get his money. He breaks all ties with Kripa, insults her, and gets engaged to Mishti. Kripa, hurt and pregnant with Angad's child, is depressed and decides to stay away from Angad. Prithvi and Angad's grandmother are her only support. Alia (Angad's cousin) enters and shows Angad how he was presented with false evidences. He leaves Mishti on the day of his wedding to go to Kripa. Meanwhile, Kripa has a miscarriage and loses her baby. Kripa decides to strengthen herself, and is out to avenge Angad for all the pains he gave her. Kripa vows to destroy Angad, and Angad silently agrees as he is madly in love with her and wants to redeem himself. He asks his best friend Josh to help Kripa become successful by accompanying her in the concerts, who himself is a famous rock singer. Kripa does become successful, Angad becomes a flop singer, and is considered unprofessional which he deliberately caused to himself so that Kripa can rise. One day, Josh tells Kripa everything, how Angad was lied to, and how he destroyed himself after realizing his mistake. Kripa forgives Angad and decides to help him rise to fame once again. However, she is engaged to Prithvi, who helped her in all her troubled times. Hence, she decides to marry Prithvi.

Angad starts to regain his success after doing a show with Kripa who herself is successful. Prithvi and Kripa's wedding preparations begins, but Josh tries out everything to make Kripa realize she should marry Angad and not Prithvi. Prithvi sacrifices, and breaks his engagement with Kripa. Angad and Kripa reunite, and one of Angad's ex-girlfriends named Simone comes back into city, but is now shown as the love interest of Prithvi. Few days after, Angad narrowly escapes someone's several attempts to kill him. Kripa suspects Josh, due to some staged evidences by the real culprit, she goes on to tell Angad, which creates differences between Josh & Angad, but they are cleared up soon. Josh finds out Prithvi was the one trying to kill Angad in his obsession with Kripa. Josh confronts Prithvi, but is murdered by him, unable to tell anyone about Prithvi's evil shades. Angad is accused & arrested for Josh's murder. Initially Kripa believes Angad is innocent and hires a lawyer named Shabbir Allywaliya (Rohit Bakshi) for Angad, who becomes his best friend afterwards. But then, Simone lies her how she had a one night stand with Angad. Kripa then believes Angad is untrustworthy, a liar, and testifies against him in court. Angad is heart broken, and sentenced to jail.

One year later, in Dubai, Kripa is married to Prithvi but did not consummate their marriage. Kripa repeatedly gets haunted by an Angad lookalike in Dubai, but no one believes her. Prithvi finds out from Mumbai Police that Angad met with an accident while transferring him to another jail, and is dead. Kripa is shattered as she never stopped loving Angad. But soon, Zaib, a dashing new singer enters their lives, who is Angad's lookalike. Everyone believes & tries to prove that Zaib is actually Angad, but instead he succeeds in proving he is Zaib. Although Zaib admits to Kripa that he is none other than Angad, who escaped from the staged accident with the help of Shabbir. Angad/Zaib starts mentally torturing Kripa in revenge for sending him to jail, as he was more hurt by Kripa not trusting him, than by the murder charge. In Mumbai, Angad/Zaib gets engaged to Mishti, only so that he can stay close to the Bose family and ruin Kripa's married life. After a number of clashes with each other, when Angad seems to be succeeding in breaking her marriage, Kripa retaliates by sleeping with her husband Prithvi in front of Angad. Angad who still loves her is devastated, in anger he plays his last card to finally break her marriage. He declares that he (Zaib) is actually Angad, and falsely proves to Prithvi that Kripa & Angad were already married and seeing each other behind his back. Prithvi is desolated and depressed, and he divorces Kripa.

Angad forces Kripa into marriage with him, she takes up the challenge and both gets married just to destroy each other. After miniseries of battles to make each other's lives a living hell, Kripa sorts out her misunderstandings with Prithvi. One night, angered by Kripa’s lie to his family about his impotence, Angad forces himself on Kripa, but at the end he let her go. Angad is sorry, Kripa angry & shattered by his violence she continues to live with him but abstains anymore interactions with him. Kripa does a singing concert for Prithvi’s company on the same day of Angad’s concert, Angad is broken down to see his wife sing for someone else, and in drunken status he declares he would kill Prithvi. Threatened by Angad's outrage Kripa re-opens Josh's murder case in the hopes of getting Angad into Jail, and getting back with Prithvi. During court sessions Angad finds out from Alia that despite Kripa's belief that Angad had betrayed her love one year ago, she married Prithvi only to help out Angad's(Khanna) family business which went to huge losses at that point of time, and only Prithvi could help them regain profits. Angad in return decides to reduce Kripa's difficulties by admitting to the murder charge he never committed, and he is sentenced to jail once again. But soon with the help of Shabbir & Alia, eventually Kripa discovers Angad did not sleep with Simone one year ago, but it was all staged by Prithvi who is obsessively in love with Kripa. Also that Prithvi murdered Josh and framed Angad. Prithvi once confronted, is shot by police for his violent outburst and ends up in a Coma. Angad is free from jail, he forgives Kripa and they start their new journey of marriage filled with love.

Kripa soon finds out that she is pregnant with Prithvi's child but Angad misunderstands as his own. Conflicts continue between them when Kripa first hides the pregnancy truth to Angad, secondly due to her successful career whereas Angad's career was not doing well. And later Mishti's return into their life & her affiliation with Angad upsets Kripa. Gradually their relationship gets better. Angad once again framed in a court case with a rape charge, Kripa in confusion testifies against him. However, it is proved that Mishti had framed him to avenge the couple because Angad never loved her back, and for her brother Prithvi's loss. Angad wins the case but is furious at Kripa for once again for not trusting him, and wants her out of his life. This time not to forgive her. They have a breakup. Kripa leaves the house heartbroken, and leaves behind her newborn with Angad since he loves the baby like his own flesh and blood. Kripa goes to Mussoorie to work for the rich businessman Nishant Saxena(Hiten Tejwani), while she is pregnant with Angad's child who she names Prateek. Angad oblivious to the fact that Kripa is expecting his child, raises Prithvi and Kripa's daughter Sur as his own. Kanan (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani)a former singer enters and works as Angad's manager cum friend, and falls in love with him.

Five years pass — Angad blocks down Kripa's memories and once again becomes the super successful & Casanova rockstar who disapproves of love, but loves his daughter Sur most in the world. While Kripa is a less stubborn, mature and a beautiful mother to Prateek and the governess cum a family member of Nishant. Angad and Kripa meet when Nishant merges a part of his business with Angad's, and they move back to Mumbai. Kripa is horrified to find out Angad had spoiled Sur, she tries to reform Sur with the help of Kanan, but Angad hates Kripa's comeback and interference in Sur's life. Few days after, Kripa gets engaged to Nishant, and Angad to Kanan. Angad finds out Prateek is his son, initially he tries out for Prateek's half custody, but one day after they clears a lot of their misunderstandings, Angad desires Kripa back in his life and pressures her to return to him. Nishant who is in love with Kripa, finds out she does not love him and she is given the choice by him to break off the engagement. Angad confesses his love to Kripa but is rejected by her as she decides to help Nishant by faking a wedding with him for the sake of Nishant's aunt with a heart disease, who wishes to see them married. Nishant and Kripa pretends to be married in front of the world, Angad is furious oblivious to the fact. Kripa performs a concert with Angad in Bangalore, which she does to help out Nishant. Kripa reciprocates to Angad's love while returning from Bangalore together, that is when Angad finds out Kripa still loves him and that her marriage with Nishant is not real. They clears their misunderstanding and spend the night together. Angad is happy but Kripa feels she deceived Nishant. This time instead of pressuring her Angad decides to leave her alone, while he is also disowned by his grandmother for betraying Kanan-his fiance. He breaks his engagement with Kanan and goes to Dubai with Sur, away from everyone. Meanwhile Nishant finds out about Angad & Kripa's past and he decides to reunite them. Nishant and Kripa goes to Dubai to find Angad for their reunion plus to save his life, since Kripa receives anonymous calls threatening to kill Angad. Nishant warns Angad about the killer but he decides to perform a public concert. In Concert, Nishant dies while protecting Angad in a shootout caused by none other than Angad's own father Dilip Khanna, and Kripa is devastated. Back in Mumbai, Angad patiently waits for Kripa to return to him, meanwhile she supports Nishant’s family to overcome the misery and also finds out she is pregnant with Angad’s child.

Eventually Angad and Kripa get reunited by Angad & Nishant's families as they were meant to be. In the last episode Kripa is shown giving birth to their second baby-their very first while in love with each other.



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