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Kaisaniemi park (Finnish: Kaisaniemen puisto, Swedish: Kajsaniemiparken) is a popular park, in the center of Helsinki, in the region of Kluuvi.

Part of the park was given to the University of Helsinki in 1829, for gardening. The oldest greenhouse was opened in 1889.

In the park, is the oldest public memorial in Helsinki, called Freemanson's Grave, there's also a soccer pitch, basketball and tennis court.

It is a place of several events, including concerts, the World Village event and The Tuska Open Air metal festival, which was held there from 2001 to 2010.

Kaisaniemi park during the summer of 2005

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Coordinates: 60°10′29″N 24°56′45″E / 60.17472°N 24.94583°E / 60.17472; 24.94583