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Web address http://www.kaixin001.com
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Social network service
Registration Required
Available in Chinese
Launched April 2008
Current status Active

Kaixin001 (Chinese: 开心网; pinyin: Kāixīnwǎng; literally: "Happy Net")is a leading social networking website launched in March 2008 .[1][2][3]

In 2010, Kaixin001 ranks as the 13th most popular website in China and 67th overall according to Alexa Internet.[4]

On 20 May 2009, Kaixin001 formally sued Qianxiang Group for unfair competition. Qianxiang Group runs one of China's popular social networks Renren. It purchased the kaixin.com domain and launched a Kaixin001 clone.[5] This enables Renren to confuse users and attract some Kaixin001 potential users to the Kaixin.com clone.[6]In October 2011, Kaixin001 won a victory. The Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court ordered Oak Pacific to cease all use of kaixin.com and pay 400,000 renminbi ($60,000) in damages.[7] The other main competition for Kaixin001 is Weibo.com, which is like a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. Weibo.com has 140 million users and is owned by Sina.com.


Kaixin001 launched the social games craze in China and its users are game-crazy.[8]

  • Friends for Sale: A game that users can price and sell their friends
  • Parking Wars: Ironically most people in China can’t afford a real car, which makes this game all the more compelling.
  • iLike: Up until recent crackdowns, the Chinese equivalent allowed you to upload and share your entire music collection with your friends.
  • Where I’ve Been: This application defaults to a province map of China because most people have never left the country.[9]


  • Kaixin001 attracted white-collar office workers by focusing on fun, addictive social games.
  • Kaixin001’s users are highly active. It averages 34 pageviews and 33 minutes spent on the site per user, numbers that are about twice as high as the competition. Kaixin001’s white-collars love surfing the site at work, and occasionally in their free time too.


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