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Kaki may refer to:

  • Diospyros kaki, better known as Japanese Persimmon
  • the Japanese word for oyster
  • the Māori name for the Black Stilt
  • the Hungarian word for Feces
  • Kaki, Iran, a city in Bushehr Province
  • Kaki District, a district in Bushehr Province
  • Kaki Rural District, a rural district in Bushehr Province
  • Kaki, Hormozgan, a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran
  • Kaki, French Polynesia is the name of a village in northern Hao, in French Polynesia's Tuamotu Archipelago, located next to the only navigable passage into the atoll's lagoon
  • Kaki King, a musician
  • Abubaker Kaki, a Sudanese middle distance runner
  • KAKI (FM), a radio station (88.1 FM) licensed to serve Juneau, Alaska, United States
  • Kaki (literature), a story based on a tale of classical work of Thai (Kaki Klon Suphap) and Khmer literature (Kakey)
    • Ka Kee (Thai:กากี), a film based on the Thai literature story of Kaki Klon Suphap
    • KAKI In Telugu Language (a language Spoken by the people of Andhra Pradesh State in India) "Kaki" means "Crow"
  • KaKi is the nickname of Kaltenkirchen, a town in the Segeberg district of Schleswig-Holstein.

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