Kakira Power Station

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Kakira Power Station
Kakira Power Station is located in Uganda
Kakira Power Station
Map of Uganda showing the location of Kakira Power Station
Country Uganda
Location Kakira, Jinja District
Coordinates 00°30′32″N 33°17′24″E / 0.50889°N 33.29000°E / 0.50889; 33.29000Coordinates: 00°30′32″N 33°17′24″E / 0.50889°N 33.29000°E / 0.50889; 33.29000
Status Operational
Commission date 2007
Owner(s) Kakira Power Company
Power generation
Primary fuel Bagasse
Units operational 2 (4 MW) & 2 (6 MW) & 2 (16 MW)
Nameplate capacity 52 MW

Kakira Power Station is a 52 MW bagasse-fired thermal power plant located in the town of Kakira in Jinja District, in Eastern Uganda.


The power station is located in the town of Kakira, in Jinja District, in Eastern Uganda, on the Madhvani Estate, adjacent to Kakira Sugar Works, the flagship of the business conglomerate. This location is approximately 16 kilometres (9.9 mi), by road, northeast of Jinja, the largest city in the sub-region.[1] The coordinates of the power station are:0°30'32.0"N, 33°17'24.0"E (Latitude:0.5089; Longitude:33.2900).[2]


Kakira Power Station is owned and operated by Kakira Energy Company, a subsidiary of the Madhvani Group. The power station is designed and built around the sugar manufacturing plant of Kakira Sugar Works, the flagship company of the Group. The fibrous residue from the process of crushing sugar cane, known as bagasse, is burnt to heat water in boilers and produce steam. The steam is pressurized and used to drive turbines which then generate electricity. The excess heat is used in the sugar manufacturing process. The power station is capable of producing 22 MW of power at maximum capacity.

About 10 MW (45.5%) of the power generated is used by the factories and businesses of the Group located on their 9,500 hectares (37 sq mi) business estate at Kakira. The other 12 MW (54.5%) of the power generated, is sold to Uganda's national electricity grid. The power station has been operational as early as 2005 with a 6 MW generator. In 2006 a new additional 16 MW generator was installed and went online in 2007.[3]

Recent developments[edit]

In July 2012, it was reported in the New Vision newspaper, Uganda's English daily, that Kakira Sugar Works would increase the electricity output at Kakira Power Station from 22 MW to 52 MW by June 2013.[4] That same information was repeated in February 2013, in the Daily Monitor, another Ugandan daily publication.[5] It is expected that 20 Megawatts (38.5%) of the power generated will be used internally and the remaining 32 Megawatts (61.5%), will be sold to the national grid.[6]

As of November 2013, Kakira Sugar Works was in the middle of a US$75 million (about UGX:191 billion) upgrade and expansion. US$30 million (about UGX:76 billion) will be raised through a 10-year corporate bond on the Uganda Securities Exchange and the rest will be sourced from local banks. When the upgrade is completed, the cogeneration capacity of Kakira Power Station will be increased from 22 Megawatts to 52 Megawatts.[7]

In October 2014, Kakira Power Station was granted an electricity production license for 20 Megawatts, by the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA). It means that, of the 52MW produced by the power station, 32MW is used internally and 20MW is sold into the national electric grid.[8]

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