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Not to be confused with Kala Bhavana.
Formation September 3, 1969; 45 years ago (1969-09-03)
Headquarters Kalabhavan Road, Kochi, Kerala, India
Leader Fr. Abel
Website kalabhavan.org

Kalabhavan (Malayalam: കലാഭവന്‍, meaning "the house of arts") or Cochin Kalabhavan is a centre for learning performing arts in Kochi, India.[1][2] Kalabhavan is notable and known for being the first organized performing mimicry group in Kerala and which popularised the art of mimicry in the state of Kerala. Ever since its founding, Kalabhavan has served as a grooming centre for acting aspirants. Hence Kalabhavan has contributed numerous actors as well as directors to Malayalam film.

Founded on September 3, 1969,[3] by C.M.I. priest Fr. Abel,[4] what Kalabhavan initially took up was producing Christian religious songs. Later they moved on to 'Ganamela' (Concerts for film songs).[5] Mimicry performances of individual artists were used as 'fillers' in between stage programs. Later, mimicry was organized as a team event to form the now popular 'Mimics Parade'.

The professional mimicry troop of Kalabhavan began with a team of 6 consisting of Siddique, Lal, Anzar, K. S. Prasad Varkkichan and rahman (comedy actor). It was this team that invented 'Mimics Parade' in the present form.


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