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Azerbaijani girl wearing kalaghai

A kalaghai (Azerbaijani: Kəlağayı) is a traditional Azerbaijani women's headgear.[1] In November 2014 at the 9th session of UNESCO's traditional art and symbolism of Kelaghayi, its production and the wearing were included in the list of intangible cultural heritage UNESCO.[2]

A kalaghai is one of the spread types of headdress. It is essentially a silk headscarf. There were age and social differences in its wearing: older women wore kalaghais of darker colours, mostly black and dark blue, whereas younger women opted for brighter ones, such as white, beige, bright blue, etc. A kalaghai was tied in various ways, depending on the region.[3]

Kalaghais of colorful tints were the most popular. In some places, a kalaghai was tied over a triangular headscarf after collecting hair with a piece of gauze. As a result, there would be three headdresses worn simultaneously: first, the juna (gauze), then the kalaghai and finally a triangular headscarf called kasaba, sarandaz, or zarbab.[4]

In cold weather women covered their heads also with a shawl (tirma-shawl, Kashmir shawl, or shawls knitted of natural wool).[5]