Kalamsar Mohida

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Kalamsar Mohida Taloda tehsil, Nandurbar district in the Indian state of Maharashtra is located approximately 7 kilometers from Taloda tahsil.

The primary occupation is farming. The population numbers approximately 3000.[citation needed] Sugar cane, bananas, papaya, cotton, and turmeric are the major crops.[citation needed]

No proper road or public transit reaches the village.[citation needed] In the rainy season, water flow makes it impossible to pass through to the village.[citation needed] The nearest hospitals are in Taloda Taloda and Shahada, Maharashtra Shahada.[citation needed]

A government school teaches first to fourth standard.[citation needed]

High schools are aviailable in Taloda, including Sheth K D High School and New High School.[citation needed]

The nearest technical college is Engineering College of Shahada, 25 kilometers away.[citation needed]

Mohida is situated between Taloda and Borad. It is 1.5 kilometers from Umri village.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 21°21′57.85″N 74°14′31.27″E / 21.3660694°N 74.2420194°E / 21.3660694; 74.2420194