Kalanit, Israel

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Kalanit (Hebrew: כַּלָּנִית) is a communal settlement in Merom HaGalil Regional Council in Galilee, Israel. It is situated between Tiberias and Karmiel, next to Road 807 and Maghar.

The village was established in 1982 as a moshav by the Hapoel HaMizrachi organization with the goal that it would be populated by the children of the families living in the area, and so with time the moshav became a communal settlement.

The village is famous for its luxurious hospitality houses.

Coordinates: 32°52′26.21″N 35°27′18.33″E / 32.8739472°N 35.4550917°E / 32.8739472; 35.4550917