Kalasha Valleys

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Kalash is located in Pakistan
Kalash Valley
Coordinates: 35°42′2″N 71°41′29″E / 35.70056°N 71.69139°E / 35.70056; 71.69139Coordinates: 35°42′2″N 71°41′29″E / 35.70056°N 71.69139°E / 35.70056; 71.69139
Country Pakistan
State Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Chitral District
 • Total 456.58 km2 (176.29 sq mi)
Elevation 1,128 m (3,701 ft)
Population (2003)
 • Total 9,000
 • Density 20/km2 (51/sq mi)
 • Official language kalash
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Kalasha Desh.jpg

The Kalasha Valleys (Kalasha-mondr: Kaĺaśa Desh) are valleys in Chitral District in northern Pakistan. They are inhabited by the Kalash people, who have customs and language which are quite different from their neighbours, and historically have had a different religion. There are three main valleys.[1][2][3] The largest and most populous valley is Mumuret (Bumburet), reached by a road from Ayun in the Kunar Valley. Rumbur and Acholgah are side valleys north of Bumburet. The third valley, Biriu (Birir), is s side valley of the Kunar Valley south of Bumburet.