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Kalen Delaney is a relational database professional and author living near Seattle. She is a prominent keynote speaker at major database related conferences, and has a series of training DVDs available. [1] As a well known personality in the Microsoft SQL Server community, she is often cited for her knowledge in SQL Server internals.

Her work with SQL Server began in 1987 when she joined Sybase as a technical support engineer. After her time at Sybase, she continued to work with Microsoft SQL Server as a trainer and consultant until she helped start Solid Quality Learning in 2002, and worked as a mentor and its first CFO.[2] During her time at Solid Quality Learning, she continued to travel the world offering training and speaking engagements, as well as authoring books on the subject of Microsoft SQL Server. In 2007, Kalen left Solid Quality Learning, but continues to offer training and consulting, and write about SQL Server Internals.

Kalen maintains a website at www.SQLServerInternals.com and writes a popular blog on the blog site SQLblog.com.[3]

Kalen is the great-great granddaughter of Charles Mohr.