Kali Ilustrisimo

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Kali Ilustrisimo
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Kali Ilustrisimo (also Kalis Ilustrisimo) is a blade-based Filipino Martial Art (Eskrima) founded by Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo. The style has been in the Ilustrisimo family for over five generations and is based on traditional Filipino stick and sword methods.

Referred to simply as "escrima" by the founder and previous generations of his family, this system began to be referred to as "kali ilustrisimo" by US-based and US-influenced practitioners of the Filipino Martial Arts starting in the 1980s. Outside the Philippines the label "kali" has become firmly linked with the Ilustrisimo family system of fighting. However, in the Philippines, its country of origin, it is still simply called "escrima".


Antonio Ilustrismo died in 1997. There are several organizations that continue to teach and propagate his art in part or in its entirety, with Bakbakan International being among the most prominent.