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Kalidas Madhu Sadhwani (1465–1537) was a Bijapuri general who helped Yusuf Adil Shah establish his power as a Sultan, independent from Bahmani Sultanate. He was a Bahmani nobleman from a family with a military traditions. His father was a commander in the army of Ahmadnagar sultan. Young Kalidas were sent to military school in Persia (Ak Koyunlu) where he was educated under the eye of Ak Koyunlu's Shahinshah - Murad I. He spent there about six years of his life, and then returned to Bahmani, where he met Yusuf Adil Shah on the court of the Bahmani Sultan. Yusuf Adil Shah were then a powerful nobleman, whose career was rising very quickly. Kalidas knew that Yusuf's future will be very promising, so he decided to create a frendship between them. Then Adil became a mentor of Sadhwani. Young adventurer and a promising military leader admired Yusuf's strong character, intelligence, bravery and silver-tongue also, nevertheless Kalidas Madhu Sadhwani was right - Yusuf Adil Shah soon became a sultan of Bijapur and haven't forgot about his old friend. Bijapur Sultan made Sadhwani main commander of all his troops in appreciation of his support. Kalidas also formed a private army which he was using also to help his mentor in establishing power.

Soon, in 1489 Yusuf Adil Shah decided to took advantage to create Bijapur not as a Bahmani's province but as an independent Sultanate. Mahmud II, the Bahmani Sultan could not allow to such act of ignorance and soon, he have sent some troops to defeat Adil. Yusuf and Kalidas were suspecting that and have both led a counter-army. In the battle of Gadag, outnumbered troops of Adil Shah have defeated bigger Bahmani's army - decisive victory of Bijapuri's troops was a great service of Kalidas Sadhwani where he have shown his prominent and outstanding military talent. During the battle he spontaneously gathered his light cavalry and led a brave but risky charge, which turned out to be a great success and made Bahmani Sultan retreat and proven great skills of Kalidas. As a leader, since 1489 he constantly were commanding the same army to adapt Adil's authority and power until ~1500 where after about 10 years of larger and smaller fights situation became stable and Yusuf's power were confirmed. During this time, Kalidas Madhu Sadhwani was a leader of all Bijapuri's troops engaged to fight the political enemies or people who wanted to take over the throne. Soon, diplomatic relations with neighbouring sultans became confirmed, stable and started to be more friendly. History of ancient India is full of wars and never ending battles for power, with every single sultan had to handle with. Those who were weak, was soon consumed by stronger enemy and those who managed to defeat themselves from neighbours still had to handle constant incursions but almost always such incursions were quickly pacified...

Further history of Kalidas Adhu Sadhwani was other military victories, brilliant career and increasing prestige. Anyway, person of Sadhwani is underestimated by the modern historicans and his deeds are rapidadly underrated. Sadhwani wasn't a man of a political sense and didn't enjoyed court life such as intrigues which were very common all over the earth, he was considered as a not much of a thinker. He have attached his life with a Bijapuri's Sultans and sticked to this, until his death. Modern historicans say that if he would want to, his career could be a far more brilliant than it was and his loyalty to Adil's actually brought much more profits to Adil's than Sadhwani, who used his military talents only in Shah's orders. Yusuf Adil Shah had his support until his death in 1511 and then, his advancement succeeded to Ismail Adil Shah who died in 1534 and then, Kalidas Sadhwani died soon after Ismail - in 1537. He actually became forgotten by future sultans as well as deccani people and historicans, who never attached to him bigger attention.