Kalinga language

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Native to Philippines
Region most parts of Kalinga, northern parts of Mountain Province, eastern parts of Abra and southern parts of Apayao, Luzon
Native speakers
90,000  (1998–2008)[1]
No estimate for Mabaka Valley
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
bjx – Banao Itneg
kyb – Butbut Kalinga
kmk – Limos Kalinga
kml – Tanudan Kalinga
knb – Lubuagan Kalinga
kkg – Mabaka Valley Kalinga
kmd – Madukayang Kalinga
ksc – Southern Kalinga (Bangad)
Glottolog kali1311  (adds Masadiit)[2]
Area where the Kalinga dialect continuum is spoken according to Ethnologue

Kalinga is a dialect continuum of Kalinga Province in the Philippines, spoken by the Igorot people. The Banao Itneg variety is not one of the neighboring Itneg languages.


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