Kalingarayan Canal

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Kalingarayan Canal
Length 90 miles (140 km)
Status open
Date completed 1283 A.D.
Branch of Bhavani River

Kalingarayan Canal is a 140-kilometre (90 mi) long irrigation canal in the Erode district, Tamil Nadu, India. It was constructed by Kongu chieftain Kalingarayan and was completed in 1283.[1] It starts with Kalingarayan dam on River Bhavani, near Bhavani and flows through Erode before terminating near Kodumudi. Recently the canal has suffered from pollution.[2] In 2007 a 12-crore (120 million) rupee programme to develop the canal was announced, funded by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.[2] Local farmers have asked for a wall to be built on the right bank, to prevent nearby textile workshops and tanneries from discharging waste.

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