Kallar Kahar

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Kallar Kahar
كلّر كہار
Town and town committee (tehsil)
Kalar kahar scene.JPG
Coordinates: 32°47′N 72°42′E / 32.783°N 72.700°E / 32.783; 72.700Coordinates: 32°47′N 72°42′E / 32.783°N 72.700°E / 32.783; 72.700
Country Pakistan
District Chakwal District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Area code(s) 0543

Kallar Kahar (Urdu: كلّر كہار‎), is a town and subdivision (Tehsil) of Chakwal District in Punjab, Pakistan. It is also capital of Kallar Kahar Tehsil.[1] It is a tourist destination located 25 kilometres southwest of Chakwal along the motorway. It is notable for its natural gardens, peacocks and a saltwater lake. It is 125 km away from Rawalpindi.

The Katasraj Temple is situated in Choa Saidanshah tehsil (CSS), in 1981 a project was started named as Pak German Project (PGP). There also a degree and college for Mines diploma. There is a cadet college in Kallar Kahar named Cadet College Kallar Kahar, functional since 1998; it produces a variety of professionals, including navy and army cadets, doctors and engineers. Kallar Kahar is also considerd home of Special Service Wing, which is a Special Forces Branch of Pakistan Air Force.


Lying 30 miles southwest of Chakwal on the Chakwal-Sargodha road, Kallar Kahar is known for its peacocks, for its freshwater lake, and for the Takht-e-Babri, a flat stage built of stone by emperor Babar to address his army while coming down from Kabul in the quest of the crown of Delhi. During his stay at Kallar Kahar, Babar also planted a garden, which still exists, called the Bagh-e-Safa. In his memoirs, the Tukht-e-Babri, Babar described Kallar Kahar as a "charming place with good air" and natural beauty.[2]

Kallar Kahar Lake[edit]

Kallar Kahar Lake is located in Tehsil Kallar Kahar near Kallar Kahar interchange on Motorway M2. It is a saltwater lake. It is a famous and popular tourist resort. An Amusement park is located on bank of this lake. A motel and restaurant of Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab is also located there.

Leading personalities[edit]

Kallar Kahar is mostly home to Awans



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