Kallar Syedan Tehsil

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Kallar Syedan Tehsil
Location of Kallar Syedan Tehsil
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab
District Rawalpindi District
Capital Kallar Syedan
Towns 1
Union councils 11
 • Total 420 km2 (160 sq mi)
 • Total 190,000
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC+6)
Area code(s) 051

Kallar Syedan is a tehsil of the Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan. On 1 July 2004 Kallar Syedan became the seventh tehsil of Rawalpindi District, prior to which it was a part of the Kahuta Tehsil. Population 1,090,000 people. 23 patwars. 1 police station. 7 union councils. literacy rate 62%. 99 revenue estates.[1] The tehsil has 11 union councils. General Tikka Khan was born in the village of Jochha Mamdot (Tehsil Kallar Seydan) in 1915 (in what was then British India). He was a graduate of the Indian Military Academy at Derahdun, and was commissioned in 1939.[2]


  1. Kallar syden city
  2. Samote
  3. choa khalsa
  4. sir suba shah
  5. sumbal
  6. sahot
  7. chamak
  8. kalian siyalin
  9. tamnoha
  10. phata
  13.samote mirzan


On July 1, 2004, Kallar Syedan was announced 7th tehsil of district Rawalpindi, Kallar Syedan is historical place, government records go back to 1200 years of history, there are three theories of how Kallar Syedan got its name Kallar Syedan, one is that there was well known (buzarag) his name was Killo shah and from Killo shah it became Kallar Syedan with time. the second view is that there were two famous brothers in kallar one was bela rai and killo rai. Bewal was named after bela rai and kallar was named after killo rai, and the third view is that kallar was wasteland a jungle and all the wells in the area were (kharra) term used for rough water, even now the wells in tehsil Kallar syedan are in the majority kharra, so that is how Kallar came out of kharra term.

Near Ramazan karyana shop there is a tall building which has department stores which at one time were used as government offices. Also there is mahal called bedi mahal which at the height of Sikh rule in Punjab belonged to two brothers baba khem singh bedi and baba gor Khushi Bedi. Also near Kallar Dhok master Karamat Hussain there is a well which is over a thousand year old. In morra pind there are dozens of historical places. kallarsyedan major buildings is , T.M.A kallar Syedan, Bedi Mehal , Tehsil Kallar Syedan total area 103,889 acres and 3 kanal 3 marla.


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