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Kallidin 3D.png
CAS number 342-10-9
PubChem 5311111
ChemSpider 4470640 YesY
MeSH Kallidin
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula C56H85N17O12
Molar mass 1188.38 g/mol
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Kallidin is a bioactive kinin formed in response to injury from kininogen precursors through the action of kallikreins.

Kallidin is a decapeptide that can be converted to bradykinin by the aminopeptidase enzyme.

It can be a substrate for carboxypeptidase M and N.[1]

Kallidin is identical to bradykinin with an additional lysine residue added at the N-terminal end and signals through the bradykinin receptor.


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