Kalola Pupuka-o-Honokawailani

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Kalola Pupuka-o-Honokawailani was a Hawaiian chiefess and princess.


She was a daughter of the Queen Kekuiapoiwa I and King Kekaulike of Maui. She was thus a granddaughter of Kalanikauleleiaiwi, Queen of Hawaii and sister of the king Kahekili II. She was an aunt of the king Kalanikūpule.

She married the king Kalaniʻōpuʻu of Hawaii and had a son called Kīwalaʻō who became a king. She also married her brother-in-law, chief Keōua, and had a daughter Kekuiapoiwa Liliha.

Kekuiapoiwa Liliha married Kīwalaʻō and their child was Queen Keōpūolani, mother of two kings.[1]


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