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Kalopsida is located in Cyprus
Coordinates: 35°05′39″N 33°47′39″E / 35.09417°N 33.79417°E / 35.09417; 33.79417Coordinates: 35°05′39″N 33°47′39″E / 35.09417°N 33.79417°E / 35.09417; 33.79417
Country  Cyprus
 • District Famagusta District
Country (controlled by)  Northern Cyprus
 • District Gazimağusa District
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 660

Kalopsida (Greek: Καλοψίδα; Turkish: Çayönü) is a village in the Famagusta District of Cyprus, 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) east of Lysi. It is under the de facto control of Northern Cyprus.

In 1973, 1,023 Greek Cypriots lived in Kalopsida. Before 1974, Kalopsida was an exclusively Greek Cypriot village.

After the hostilities[2] and division of the island in 1974, population transfers were made in accordance with the population exchange agreement between Turkish and Greek Cypriots (Third Vienna Agreement) under the auspices of United Nations on 2 August 1975; [3] the Greek Cypriots in Kalopsida moved to the south. In response, the Turkish Cypriots in the south of the island (from the mixed village of Çayönü (Paramali) in 30 km west of Lemmossol-Pafos highway[4])) moved to the north, some of which located to Kalopsida. It was renamed Çayönü in Turkish in 1975.[5]

Kalopsidiotes (pronounced [kalopsiˈθcotes]; residents of Kalopsida) were known for being very brave and constantly carrying knives, which they regarded as a symbol of pride.

The village has a football club (Çayönü) in Northern Cyprus K-Pet 2nd League.[6]


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