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Habibani (Balochi: کلپر) is a clan of Baloch tribe Bugti (Balochi: بگتی) and is settled in Dilbar Matt , Dadi Shari Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan.They are divided into various clans such as Malohzi, Esazi, Shahirani, Sobazi, [Markani], Delyari, Lahorzi or Dhondozi, etc.


The language of the Habibani people is known as Bugti Balochi which is widely speak Balochi ,urdu , and as well Sindhi Respectively in Sui.


The area of Dera Bugti is situated in a hill range, comprising the tribal tract known as Bugti area. They are situated in a westward continuation of the Sulaimān Range, pointing towards the Quetta node. The area these nomadic Bugtis inhabit is barren. Bugtis occupy the hills to the east of the Sind-Peshin railway, between Jacobabad and Sibi. Karez for irrigation is a common practice.

Tribes and chiefs[edit]

The Habibani Tribe is a strong fiction of Bugti, Basically their hailing Sui , RD 238 , Dilbar Matt, Because of tussle with other tribes they remained aggressive for their deffence.The Habibani chief is Polat Khan. Local waderas are ruling the area under the Pakistan Army. Close relatives of Polat Khan who is man of word , Man of principal, unflaxiable and have full influence and prestigious personality.