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Kalwi & Remi
Kalwi remi.png
Background information
Origin Poznań, Poland
Genres Dance, techno
Years active since 2003
Labels My Music
Website www.kalwiremi.pl
Members Krzysztof Kalwat, Remigiusz Pośpiech

Kalwi & Remi is a Polish DJ duo formed in 2003, performing electronic music. Their biggest hits include "Explosion", "Imagination" and "Stop (Falling Down)".


The duo was formed in the second half of 2003 by two radio DJs, Krzysztof Kalwat (Kalwi) and Remigiusz Pośpiech (Remi),[1] and that year recorded their first song, "Explosion". In 2004 they supported DJ Tiësto on his gig in Poland and in 2005 released their first album, Kalwi & Remi in the Mix Vol. 1, including remixes of songs by other artists. "Explosion" was re-released in 2006 and became a breakthrough song for Kalwi & Remi, earning a massive popularity in Poland and abroad. Always in Trance, an album of original material was released, followed by another hit, "Imagination". The duo performed in Ibiza for the first time and cooperated with Blank & Jones.

2007 saw the release of their next album, Electro, which consisted of new Kalwi & Remi songs, such as "Victory" and "Made in USA", and remixes of other artists' songs. The duo started hosting their own radio program on Radio Eska and at the end of 2007 released a double album 4Play. In 2009 they presented their song "Lips", recorded with a Polish singer Gosia Andrzejewicz, at the Midem festival in Cannes. Later in 2009 Kalwi & Remi released singles "Stop (Falling Down)" and "Find You" which became hits in Poland.

In 2011 the duo released their next album, Kiss Me Girl, accompanied by a single Kiss.


Year Title Position on the list
2005 Kalwi & Remi in the Mix Vol. 1
  • Date: 2005
  • Publisher: My Music
2006 Always in Trance
  • Date: 3 kwietnia 2006[2]
  • Publisher: My Music
Kalwi & Remi and Friends Vol. 2
  • Data: 9 października 2006[3]
  • Publisher: My Music
2007 Electro
  • Data: 16 kwietnia 2007[4]
  • Publisher: My Music
  • Data: 23 listopada 2007[5]
  • Publisher: My Music
2011 Kiss Me Girl
  • Data: 19 kwietnia 2011
  • Publisher: My Music, EMI Music Poland
"—" item was not listed.


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