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Kalyan Lok Sabha constituency (Marathi: कल्याण लोकसभा मतदारसंघ) is one of the 48 Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituencies of Maharashtra state in western India. This constituency came into existence on February 19, 2008 as a part of the implementation of the Presidential notification based on the recommendations of the Delimitation Commission of India constituted on July 12, 2002.[1]

Assembly segments[edit]

Since the reorganization of the assmebly segments in 2008, Kalyan Lok Sabha constituency comprises six Vidhan Sabha (legislative assembly) segments. These segments are:[2]

  1. Ambarnath
  2. Ulhasnagar
  3. Kalyan East
  4. Dombivli
  5. Kalyan Rural
  6. Mumbra-Kalwa

Members of Parliament[edit]

Kalyan area was part of Thane (or Kalyan-Thane, if you will) Lok Sabha Constituency until 2004, near Mumbai, Maharashtra. From 2009 onwards the area was split into two separate seats of Kalyan and Thane.

  • 2008: See [[Thane (Lok Sabha constituency)|Thane (ठाणे)]] Lok Sabha seat. Two Lok Sabha constituencies, named after Kalyan and Thane, were carved out of the old Kalyan-Thane seat, in re-org of seats in 2008.
  • 2009: Anand Prakash Paranjape, Shiv Sena
  • 2014: Dr. Shrikant Eknath Shinde (श्रीकान्त शिन्दे), Shiv Sena

Election results[edit]

General elections 2009[edit]

General Election, 2009: Kalyan
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Shiv Sena Anand Prakash Paranjape 2,12,476 39.00
NCP Vasant Davkhare 1,88,267 34.55
BSP Khan 41,961 7.02
MNS Vaishali Darekar-Rane 1,02,063 18.73
Majority 24,202
Turnout 5,44,828
Shiv Sena hold Swing

General elections 2014[edit]

General Election, 2014: Kalyan [3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Shiv Sena Shrikant Shinde 440,892
NCP Anand Prakash Paranjape 190,143
MNS Pramod (Raju) Ratan Patil 122,349
AAP Naresh Thakur 20,347
BSP Dayanand Kiratkar 19,643
NOTA 9,186
Majority 250,749
Shiv Sena hold Swing

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