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Kalyug may refer to:

  • Kali Yuga, the "Age of Downfall", is the fourth stage of the world development that we are currently in. As the corruption gradually developed wider in the earlier stages. This stage is the climax stage when the world finally meets a judgement day at the end of it as said in Hindu Scriptures. It's not known when the end comes, but it's believed that we still have a long way to go. At the end of Kali Yuga, it is believed that a new order of a peaceful global society will be established.
  • Kalyug (1981 film), a Hindi film made in 1981, known as a modern-day version of the Mahabharata depicted as an archetypal conflict between rival business houses
  • Kalyug (2005 film), a Bollywood film based on the pornographic film industry, released on 9 December 2005
  • Kali Yug: Goddess of Vengeance, a 1963 Italian film
  • Kal Yug may refer to:

"Kal" means "Machine" it means Kalyug refer to: "Machine Time" like "KalKarkhane" means "Machine Factory"