Kam Tsin

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Hau Chung Fuk Tong Communal Hall in Kam Tsin.

Kam Tsin (金錢), also known as Kam Tsin Tsuen (金錢村) is a village and an area in the North District, in the New Territories in Hong Kong. It located south of Yin Kong, west of Kwu Tung, Ngau Tei and Hang Tau. Its south and east is surrounded by Hong Kong Golf Club. The Fanling Bungalow and Fanling Lodge is on its southwest.


The village contains two temples which are used by the native Hau clan to worship their ancestors. One of these temples is open to visitors at weekends and on public holidays. There are also two schools and a kindergarten next to it.

The Earth God Shrine of Kam Tsin Tsuen is a Grade I historic building. The Hau Chung Fuk Tong Communal Hall and the Hau Mei Fung Ancestral Hall are Grade II historic buildings.


Although Kam Tsin is by the side of Castle Peak Road and Fanling Highway nowadays, it is not connected to these roads directly. The access to the area is Kam Tsin Road, a branch road from Castle Peak Road.

Public transport access is by green minibus 50A from Sheung Shui Station or by a red minibus to and from Sheung Shui which only runs in the mornings. One can also access KMB bus 76K and red minibus 17, plus other green minibus services by crossing a footbridge over Fanling Highway.