Kamal Amin

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Kamal Amin
Kamal Amin, Egyptian Artist.jpg
Born 1923
Tanta, Egypt
Died 1979 (aged 55–56)
Cairo, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Known for Graphic

Kamal Amin Awad (Arabic: كمال أمين عوض‎) (1923-1979) was a pioneering Egyptian artist in the field of graphic arts. The artist, whose masterpieces and unique techniques impressed Egyptian modern art, was born in Tanta in 1923. He was interested in teaching his students about the modern techniques applied by schools abroad. However, he was keen to make use of the talents of his ancient forerunners in view of Egypt's rich Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic and Folk arts. Accordingly, he succeeded in a unique style in his works. The artist's versatility helped him to work as a photographer, a sculptor, and an illustrator. He received the First Class Award of Art and Science in 1974.[1][2]


Kamal Amin studied at the Institute of book art in Urbino, Italy.

Personal life[edit]

Kamal Amin was married to a Swedish woman and had two children.


Special Exhibitions

  • 1945 Held special exhibitions of his work, in the city of Urbino, Italy.
  • 1956 Exhibition in Paris.
  • 1957,1978 Exhibitions in Cairo.
  • 1966,1969,1971,1976 Gallery in Sweden.

International Exhibitions


National Awards

  • 1949 Honor Award and a gold medal in graphics and decoration of the agro-industrial exhibition.
  • 1951 State Award in Arts (branch of graphics) and was called (Ismail Award for the Arts).
  • 1958,1960 Prizes for the first graphic fairs Cairo Salon.
  • Galaa Revolution Award.
  • 1960 First prize in the sculpture competition for the terminal building in Luxor with the implementation of the project.
  • 1965 First prize in the Mosaic contest for the building of the province of Beni Suef with the implementation of the project.
  • Second prize in the Alavrsk competition for the court complex building.
  • Third prize in the Alavrsk contest of Central Cairo.
  • 1973 State Incentive Award of Art (branch of graphics).
  • 1974 First prize in the contest of October 6.
  • 1974 Medal of Science from the first class.

International Awards

  • Holdings Awards in the International Biennale Exhibition of the basin of the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria.
  • 1968 Honor Award from the UNESCO and the International Fair for graphics, Poland.

Official holdings[edit]

  • The Egyptian Modern Art Museum
  • Jordan National Gallery Of Fine Arts




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