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Native name
Traded as MCXKMAZ
Industry Automotive
Founded 1969
Headquarters Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia
Key people
Sergey A. Kogoghin, Director General
Products Trucks and buses
Revenue Increase US$ 3 billion
Owner Russian Technologies State Corporation(49.9%)
Troika Dialog (27.3%)
Daimler AG (11%)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (4%)
Number of employees
Website www.kamaz.ru/en/

KAMAZ (Камский автомобильный завод – КАМАЗ / Kamskiy avtomobilny zavod – translated: Kama Automobile Plant) is a Russian truck manufacturer located in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russian Federation. KAMAZ opened its doors in 1976. Today, heavy duty models are exported to many areas of the world including Eastern Europe, Latin America, China, the Middle East, and North Africa. The trucks have won the Dakar Rally a record thirteen times. KAMAZ is the largest truck producer in Russia and the CIS. The factory produces 93,600 trucks a year (260 trucks a day).[1] Reinforced KAMAZ trucks are used by the Russian army.


KamAZ 1-st generation (1976-2000)
Kamaz truck in Kyrgyzstan mountains.
USSR 1974 postage stamp featuring a Kamaz truck

In 1969, the Central Committee of the CPSU and Ministerial council of the USSR decided to begin construction of factories for the manufacture of supersized cars in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

Construction actually began on 13 December 1969, but the first Kamaz rolled off the main assembly conveyor on 16 February 1976.

In 1987, the line for the manufacture of Oka midget cars (VAZ-1111) was created. The first car rolled out on 21 December 1987.

On 25 June 1990, the production association was transformed into an open joint-stock company.

On 14 April 1993, a fire destroyed the Kamaz engine factory.

In 1995, KamAZ embarked on a major company-wide restructuring project involving Western partners such as Cummins and Deloitte & Touche. [2]

Until 2005, Kamaz had a major share in ZMA (Factory of Micro-displacement Cars) that produces the Oka microcar. It was sold to the Severstal group.

Owners and management[edit]

The authorized capital of "KAMAZ" is 35.36 billion rubles. The shareholders of the plant as of June 2010 are:[3]

At the same time, "KAMAZ" has a lot of minority shareholders (more than 76 thousand individuals).[4]

In early March, 2008 and was elected to the Board of Directors of KAMAZ, which included 15 people, including:[5]

Group structure[edit]

Public company "KAMAZ" has more than 110 subsidiaries and affiliates, owns shares in the authorized capital of more than 50 different companies and businesses. Together they form the "Group of KAMAZ".
The group includes:

  • Automobile Plant (Naberezhnye Chelny)
  • Metallurgical Complex OJSC "KAMAZ"
    Kama Foundry (now one of the largest in Russia[6])
    Kamsky forging plant
    Kama Automotive Plant
  • "Kama Press and Stamping Plant"
  • Engine plant OJSC "KAMAZ"
  • Company Remdizel
  • JSC "Trade finance company" KAMAZ ""
  • Of "Neftekamsk Automotive Plant" (NEFAZ) - manufactures buses and machinery on KAMAZ chassis
  • Of "Trailer KAMAZ Inc." (formerly СЗАП (En:SZAP) of Stavropol)
  • Dealership "Auto-force"
  • OAO KamazTehObsluzhivanie
  • Company "KAMAZavtotehnika"
  • OAO RIZ (formerly of KAMAZinstrumentspetsmash)
  • OAO "KIP" Master ""
  • Company "KAMAZ-FINANCE"
  • OAO "KAMAZ-CAPITAL"Scientific-Technical Center "KAMAZ"
  • , Etc.

The main production facilities of the plant located in the industrial area of Naberezhnye Chelny. Nefaz buses are produced in Neftekamsk (Bashkortostan).

There are also foreign manufacturing facilities in the following locations : Afghanistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, India, Iran, Kazakhstan (AO "KAMAZ-Engineering), North Korea <! - According to the official website ->Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Chile, Ethiopia.


Kamaz vehicles have won the truck category of the Dakar Rally a 13 wins as of 2015.[7] 14 out of 14 2010 Dakar Rally stages in the truck category were won by Kamaz trucks.


No years of release Features Photo
1 1976-2000 (with changes issue remains army trucks) Diskless wheel. Low cabin roof. Corrugated sidewalls sleeping compartment. Lights on the front of the cab. Kamaz 1-st generation.jpg
2 1995- Increased height of the cab roof. Disc wheels. Rectangular lights on the bumper. New bumper with sidewalls. Underride underbody. Kamaz 2 generation.jpg
3 2004- New surround bumper (double for tractors ). New headlamps with headlamp swivel sections, which call on the sidewalls of the bumper. We haul tractors appeared high cab. Smooth walls of the sleeping compartment. Voluminous front fenders. Some of the trucks new plastic dashboard instead of the metal
4 2010- Most large-scale modernization. Absolutely new front of the cabin, including the radiator grille. New front bumper. New headlights lens type in one case with swivel headlights. Plastic dashboard with electronic Instrument cluster. Part of trucks equipped with Cummins engine manufacturing joint venture Cummins and KAMAZ in Naberezhnye Chelny. Kamaz 4 generation.jpg
5 2014- cabin from Mercedes-Benz Axor with some modifications
6  ? Is being developed completely new cab together with South Korean engineering company DMEC. Already presented prototypes trucks


Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin speaks about the 2,000,000th truck produced by KamAZ around the world, 2012.


KAMAZ 65117

By 2006 KAMAZ was producing the following trucks:

  • KAMAZ 4308 4x2 Medium-range truck & 4x2 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 4326 4x4 Side truck & 4x4 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 4326-9 Dakar 4x4 Dakar Rally Sport truck
  • KAMAZ 4911 Extreme 4x4 Civilian Sport truck Dakar Rally
  • KAMAZ 43114 6x6 Side truck & 6x6 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 43118 6x6 Side truck & 6x6 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 43253 4x2 Side truck & 4x2 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 5460 4x2 Prime mover
  • KAMAZ 53205 6x4 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 53215 6x4 Side truck & 6x4 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 53228 6x4 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 53229 6x4 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 53605 4x2 Dump truck
  • KAMAZ 54115 6x4 Prime mover
  • KAMAZ 55111 6x4 Dump truck & 6x4 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 6460 6x4 Prime mover
  • KAMAZ 6520 6x4 Dump truck & 6x4 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 6522 6x6 Dump truck & 6x6 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 6540 8x4 Dump truck & 8x4 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 6560 8x8 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 63968 Typhoon 6x6 Armored infantry transport
  • KAMAZ 65111 6x6 Dump truck
  • KAMAZ 65115 6x4 Dump truck & 6x4 Chassis truck
  • KAMAZ 65116 6x4 Prime mover
  • KAMAZ 65117 6x4 Side truck & 6x4 Chassis truck
Military tank transporter KAMAZ 65225 on parade rehearsal in Red Square

Prime mover[edit]

6x4 Prime mover

  • KAMAZ 44108 6x6 Prime mover
  • KAMAZ 65225 6x6 Prime mover
  • KAMAZ 65226 6x6 Prime mover
  • KAMAZ 65228 6x6 Prime mover

Other vehicles[edit]

Kamaz Mustang[edit]

The Kamaz Мустанг (Mustang) is a family of general military utility trucks with numerous variants.[8] The family is based on the 1st generation KamAZ family launched in the early 1980s. A three-person cab is standard across the Mustang range. It has a sleeping berth and tilts forward for engine access. This cab can be fitted with add-on armour kit.

The Mustang family is available in eight (8) models:[9]

Original three

Plus Kamaz 43501, 5450, 6450, and -5350 trucks with an armored cab.[10]



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