Kamen Opasnosti

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LightHouse on Kamen Opasnosti.jpg

Kamen Opasnosti (Russian: Камень Опасности, lit. Dangerous Rock, Japanese 二丈岩 Nijouiwa) is a group of rocks, located some 14 km southeast of Cape Crillon (the southernmost point of Sakhalin) in La Pérouse Strait (Sea of Okhotsk). Kamen Opasnosti is a small group of bare rocks, devoid of vegetation. Its length is 150 m, width – 50 m, highest point – approx. 8 m.

The rocks were a great hindrance to marine traffic in La Pérouse Strait, aggravated by frequent dense fogs in the summertime. To avoid possible collision, ships had to set some of their crew members on guard to locate Kamen Opasnosti by listening to the roar of sea lions living on it. In 1913, a lighthouse was finally constructed on the rocks.

Coordinates: 45°47′15″N 142°13′01″E / 45.7875°N 142.217°E / 45.7875; 142.217