Kami-Ōi Station

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Kami-Ōi Station
Prefecture Kanagawa
(See other stations in Kanagawa)
District Ashigarakami
Town Ōi
Neighborhood etc. Kami-Ōi
Postal code 258-0016
(in Japanese) 神奈川県足柄上郡大井町上大井
Year opened 1948
Rail services
Operator(s) Central Japan Railway Company
Line(s) Gotemba Line
Statistics 479 passengers/day 2006
Aiga bus inv.svg Medium bus terminal at this station

Kami-Ōi Station (上大井駅 Kami-Ōi-eki?) is a station on the Gotemba Line of Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) located in southern portion of the town of Ōi in Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.


Kami-Ōi Station was opened on June 1, 1948 on the Japan National Railways (JNR) Gotemba Line for passenger service only. The route through the station was electrified in 1968. Freight services were discontinued on February 1, 1971. On April 1, 1987 along with privatization and division of JNR, the station came under control of the Central Japan Railway Company. It has been unmanned since March 22, 1997.


Station layout[edit]

Kami-Ōi Station has two opposed side platforms and wooden station building. When it opened, it had only a single through platform, but just before the electrification of the Gotemba Line, facilities for trains' crossing had been attached and the station came to have two platforms.

Around the station[edit]

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Coordinates: 35°19′18″N 139°9′48.26″E / 35.32167°N 139.1634056°E / 35.32167; 139.1634056