Kamienica (architecture)

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Kamienica Szara nr 6 (left) and Włoska nr 7 (right) at Main Market Square in Kraków
Kamienice in Lublin Old Town Market Square

Kamienica is a Polish term describing a type of residential (tenement) building made of brick or stone, with at least 2 floors. The word is usually used to describe a building which is incorporated with other, similar buildings in the manner of a terraced house.

The ground floor is often taken up by shops and businesses, while residential flats occupy the higher floors. Kamienice (plural) have windows in the front, but not in the gables, since they neighbor closely on others. This type of building is most prevalent in city centres, especially in historical rebuilding of previously destroyed parts of old town districts. The name comes from the Polish word kamień (stone) and dates from the 15th century.

Notable examples[edit]


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