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Kamil Larin

Kamil Shamil'yevich Larin (Russian: Камиль Шамильевич Ларин, Tatar: Камил Шамил улы Ларин; b. November 10, 1966) is a Russian actor and one of the founders of comic theater Quartet I (Russian: Квартет И). He became famous after the roles of electrician Kamil, named like him, in the performances of "Radio Day" and "Election Day" and in movies with same names. He is an ethnic Tatar.


Kamil Larin was born on November 10, 1966 in Volgograd, USSR, RSFSR. He graduated from an institute for energy in Volgograd.

In 1993 he graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. At this place he met Alexandr Demidov, Leonid Baratz, Rostislav Khait, Sergey Petreykov. Together they founded the theater Quartet I.

Kamil is married to Galina Larina, and they have a son Yan Larin (b. February 25, 1993).

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