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Not to be confused with Kamisama Kazoku or Kamisama Kiss.
Kamisama Dolls
Kamisama Dolls vol 1.jpg
Cover of the first manga volume
(Kamisama Dooruzu)
Genre Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
Written by Hajime Yamamura
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Monthly Sunday Gene-X
Original run January 2007March 2013
Volumes 12
Anime television series
Directed by Seiji Kishi
Written by Makoto Uezu
Studio Brain's Base
Licensed by
Network TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, AT-X, Anime Network
Original run July 6, 2011September 28, 2011
Episodes 13
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Kamisama Dolls (神様ドォルズ Kamisama Dooruzu?) is a manga by Hajime Yamamura. An anime adaptation started airing on July 6, 2011.[1]


Kyōhei, after moving away to Tokyo from his old village to get away from the events that happened there, is on a group date with his friends, including his old neighbor, Hibino. After drinking for a whole night, he and Hibino discover a dead, bloody body in the elevator. He is told by his younger sister Utao, who arrives from his village with her kakashi (an ancient wooden "god" controlled by the mind), that his old friend Aki and his kakashi are the culprits responsible. After a series of events, Hibino, whose father allows Kyōhei and Utao to live together with them, went back to the origin of the village of kakashi, the "Karakami" Village. Hibino learned many things about the kakashi, as well as Kyōhei, Aki, Utao, everything and everyone else.


Kyōhei Kuga (枸雅 匡平 Kuga Kyōhei?)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese), Leraldo Anzaldua (English)
Kyōhei is the main protagonist, from the wealthy Kuga family, who has left his hometown and his duties as a "Seki" to live his own life in Tokyo. He was the partner of the doll, Kukuri, before it was entrusted to his younger sister, Utao. Late in the anime it is revealed that Kyōhei is the strongest Seki ever, with much greater power than any Seki before: he is able to "open" Kukuri's left hand that no other Seki has been able to do in over a millennium. Kukuri's left hand has the power to absorb, amplify and reflect energy beams.
Utao Kuga (枸雅 詩緒 Kuga Utao?)
Voiced by: Misato Fukuen (Japanese), Hilary Haag (English)
Utao is Kyōhei's younger sister and the current partner of Kukuri. She comes to Tokyo to meet her brother out of fear that Aki would come for him. Her fears are confirmed and after destroying Kyōhei's apartment in a confrontation with Aki, she moves into Hibino's house with her brother, starts working at the Shiba family's café and training herself to improve her control over Kukuri's movements. She seems to have a brother complex towards Kyohei to the point of becoming angry with any other girl who approaches him.
Hibino Shiba (史場 日々乃 Shiba Hibino?)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
Hibino is an attractive young woman who attends the same university as Kyōhei, who has had a crush on her since they met, but is unaware of her own feelings for him. She has been asked out on dates by many of her male classmates, but declined all of them. She eventually becomes Kyōhei's girlfriend. Despite her father coming from the same village as Kyōhei's family, she is unaware of its secrets until she invites Kyōhei (whose apartment was destroyed) and Utao to live with her and her father. According to Aki, Kyōhei's affection for her comes from Hibino's resemblance with a certain teacher from their childhood.
Aki Kuga (枸雅 阿幾 Kuga Aki?)
Voiced by: Ryohei Kimura (Japanese), David Matranga (English)
A former childhood friend of Kyōhei's and another Seki who was imprisoned several years before the beginning of the storyline, as he had used his doll, Kuremitsuha, to kill in anger over the death of their teacher with whom he had a romantic relationship. He escapes from confinement after learning that Kyōhei has left the village and sets out for Tokyo to confront him, claiming that both of them are guilty of the same "sin" and that Kyōhei cannot live his life in denial.
Kōshirō Hyūga (日向 勾司朗 Hyūga Kōshirō?)
Voiced by: Katsuki Murase (Japanese), Adam Gibbs (English)
A Seki from the Hyūga family. He is the partner of the doll. Uwazutsu. He and Kirio are tasked with capturing Aki and bringing him back to the village. He is shown to be protective of Kirio and acts as a father figure to him, as Kirio was separated from his birth family and the head of the Hyūga clan treats him harshly. He seems to care for Utao and Kyōhei as shown in Episode 12.
Kirio Hyūga (日向 桐生 Hyūga Kirio?)
Voiced by: Yumiko Kobayashi (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)
Kirio is another Seki who controls the doll, Takemikazuchi. He is actually Utao's twin brother who was separated from his family at birth and taken into the Hyūga family's custody in secret. Like his sister, it is said that his ability as a Seki was awakened while he still was in their mother's womb, thus attracting the attention of the Hyūga clan who were looking for a suitable Seki to control their most powerful doll, Amaterasu.
Mahiru Hyūga (日向 まひる Hyūga Mahiru?)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa (Japanese), Genevieve Simmons (English)
The most powerful Seki from the Hyūga family who considers all other Seki, except for Kyōhei, inferior to herself. The reason for this is that when she was a child Kyōhei saved her life by unleashing Kukuri's true power. Since then she has developed an obsessive infatuation for him. She is Kōshirō's cousin and excels in controlling her doll, Magatsuhi, whose special ability is to stop other dolls' movements. Mahiru was unable to retain control her Doll after Utao injured it, and it went berserk and started using powers that Mahiru had not seen before. Her Doll was then destroyed by Kukuri.
Kūko Karahari (空張 久羽子 Karahari Kūko?)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese), Maggie Flecknoe (English)
Kyohei and Hibino's eccentric classmate. She is fed up with normalcy and is interested in the supernatural. She was close to giving up because all her leads turned out to be shams but overjoyed when she discovered the kakashi and forcibly involved herself in the situation. She kidnaps Aki, who later decides to hide out in her apartment.



As of April 2013, twelve volumes of the manga are released.


Three theme songs are used in the Anime, "Fukanzen Nenshou" (不完全燃焼, lit. Incomplete Combustion) for the opening theme, "Switch ga Haittara" (スイッチが入ったら, lit. When the switch is flipped) for the main ending theme, and "Natsu no Niwa" (夏の庭, lit. "Summer Garden") for Episode 7's ending theme. All three songs are performed by Chiaki Ishikawa.

No. Title Original airdate
01 "A God Arrives"
"Kami wa Kitarite" (神は来たりて) 
July 6, 2011[2]
As Kyōhei Kuga tries to live the life of a university student, his younger sister Utao Kuga later comes to the city with Kukuri, her kakashi. She comes to tell him that a man named Aki Kuga has escaped their village's prison. Soon after, Aki comes with Kuramitsuha, his kakashi, causing serious damage to Kyōhei's apartment room when he enters confrontation with Utao. Because of this, Kyōhei and Utao are to live with Hibino Shiba and her father, who come from the same village as Kyōhei, for the time being. When Hibino's father says it is some sort of support from their village's shrine, Kyōhei begins to understand that he can never run away from his past. 
02 "A God's Training"
"Kamisama no Tokkun" (神様の特訓) 
July 13, 2011[3]
While Utao trains in the proper handling of Kukuri, something explodes at the place where she is training. It was the clubhouse of an about-to-be-abolished club led by Kūko Karahari, the daughter of a detective who is investigating the death of a person that Kyōhei and Hibino previously found in the elevator. In the process of rescuing Kūko and one of her remaining assistants, Kūko sees Kukuri in action, and now her curiosity is tickled, as well as her desire to expose the existence of those like Kukuri. Kyōhei is very troubled by this, having great concern for Utao. 
03 "It Attacks..."
"Seme Kitaru wa..." (攻め来たるは…) 
July 20, 2011[3]
Suo, Hibino's friend, comes by the restaurant to met Utao during her job as a waitress. However, Suo pokes fun at Utao for eating cake all the time, to the point that she may have gained weight. Hibino, taking Utao to a park, contacts Kyōhei to met her there. However, he chances upon Aki, who threatens him to return to the village. Luckily, Kōshirō Hyūga appears with Uwazutsu, his kakashi, and causes Aki to evade. When a truck loses control and falls off the freeway, Utao uses Kukuri to protect Hibino from being crushed. Kōshirō later finds Aki atop a building, engaging in a fierce with their kakashi. Aki plummets to the ground, where Kūko happens to have seen the fight. 
04 "Heruma"
"Heruma" (ヘルマ) 
July 27, 2011[3]
During the fight, Kōshirō predicts Aki's movements by his odor. When Aki has the opportunity to attack Kōshirō, he is then interfered with an unknown Seki, sending him plummeting to the ground. Kūko drags an injured Aki to her apartment room and interrogates him through torture about the existence of the kakashi. Kyōhei, Hibino, and Utao go to see Kūko, only to learn of Aki's presence. Aki falls off the balcony into the bushes to escape, and Kyōhei goes out to search for him. Hibino catches up to Kyōhei to bandage his hand for punching a concrete wall out of anger. Utao encounters Kirio Hyūga with Takemikazuchi, his kakashi, revealing that he is her twin brother separated at birth. 
05 "To Home..."
"Kokyō e..." (故郷へ…) 
August 3, 2011[3]
Utao and Kirio enter a heated battle in the city using their respective kakashi, and many citizens catch sight of this. When Kukuri endures much impact from being electrocuted by Takemikazuchi, it hides in the forest nearby. However, when Takemikazuchi attempts to attack again, Kukuri absorbs the shock and repels it back, destroying Takemikazuchi to pieces. Kōshirō arrives to take Kirio with him to the village. Kyōhei later tells Hibino and Utao that they must return to the village to repair Kukuri, and they begin their travel through the narrow path up the mountains to the village. Kirio is punished by Sahei Hyūga, the clan elder, for his reckless acts, but Kōshirō prevents Sahei from stabbing Kirio to death. It is shown that Sahei has kept a dormant kakashi named buried under the Hyūga shrine. 
06 "Karakami Village"
"Karakami Mura" (空守村) 
August 10, 2011[3]
Kyōhei, Hibino, and Utao finally made it to the Kuga shrine, meeting up with Moyako Somaki, who helps repair Kukuri by soaking the wood of the kakashi in a tub of "Kami no Chi", or "God's Blood", and then dry it out for several days. Utao goes to see Kiyotaka Kuga, her grandfather, who confirms that Kirio is indeed her younger twin brother. After Kukuri is repaired, Utao trains with Moyako for a while before having a picnic. Utao comes up with the idea that Kukuri should fly her, along with Kyōhei and Hibino, as a way to go back home, but she loses concentration and causes an unstable and uncomfortable flight, prompting her to safely lower Kukuri onto the ground. During a downpour at the shrine, Kyōhei recalls about the sensei who taught at his school six years ago. 
07 "Portrait of Memories"
"Tsuioku no Shōzō" (追憶の肖像) 
August 17, 2011[4]
Six years ago, Chihaya Senō became a new schoolteacher at the village. Senō was harassed by Atsushi Kuga, a bully at the school, and the principal gives her a warning for slapping Atsushi back, resulting in her having a bad reputation due to false accusation. She planned to resign from teaching, but, after a brief encounter with Aki, she decides to return to school and continue her work, yet the rumors become worse. When Atsushi attempts to seduce Senō a second time, Aki intervenes and takes her to his house, and they later make love to each other at night. However, she was forced to leave the school after there has been evidence of this. Atsushi holds Senō captive, and Aki arrives to save her. But when Atsushi attacks Aki with Kuramitsuha, Senō jumps into the attack, killing herself. Soon after, Aki takes control of Kuramitsuha and slaughters Atsushi in vengeance, being sent to prison as a consequence. 
08 "The Role of a God"
"Kamisama no Yakuwari" (神様の役割) 
August 24, 2011[4]
Kyōhei, Hibino, and Utao finally make it back into the city, planning on spending the day at the beach, but a typhoon interrupts their agenda. To make matters worse, the apartment undergoes a power outage, not to mention the numerous leaks in the ceilings. Kyōhei and Hibino walk outside to the shed to fetch the toolbox, and Utao uses Kukuri to assist them. The next day, Hibino goes to the city library to return some books, and, because she forgot one of them, Utao goes out to catch up to her. Hibino encounters Aki at the library herself, and he questions her relationship with Kyōhei. Utao finds Hibino and challenges Aki to a duel at the park with their kakashi. When Utao tells Aki that the kakashi are meant to save rather than destroy, Aki cuts the match short and departs. As the girls return to the apartment very angry, Utao tells a worried Kyōhei that the kakashi actually have human hearts. 
09 "Tangled Relations"
"Innen no Uzu" (因縁の渦) 
August 31, 2011[4]
Moyako comes to visit and tells Utao about Kukuri's left hand and the power it contains. She also mentions to Kyōhei and Hibino that she is still working on repairing Takemikazuchi in exchange for Kōshirō's financial support. Moyako later takes a walk with Kyōhei, and the two discuss about Aki's whereabouts and Kirio's presence. Kūko, who has been housing Aki for quite some time, has done some research on Karakami Village and what happened six years ago, but she does not know how Aki fits into the picture. Kyōhei has great concerns for Kirio being in the care of Kōshirō, not knowing why they have come to live in the city in the first place. He himself wonders if he has changed since he came to the city six months ago. Kirio later goes to see Utao, telling her that he will stop fighting her from now on. 
10 "The Princess Arrives"
"Miki, Ryōran" (美姫、繚乱) 
September 7, 2011[4]
A Seki named Mahiru Hyūga suddenly appears with Magatsuhi, her kakashi, and she seems head over heels for Kyōhei. However, she becomes furious when the others there tell her to leave, which makes her use Magatsuhi against them. Meanwhile, Kūko brings Aki to see Takeshi Hirashiro, who was responsible for releasing him from prison before. Out of nowhere, Mahiru breaks into the office, realizing that Hirashiro was soliciting Aki along with her. Mahiru defeats Aki by paralyzing Kuramitsuha, and she pins Kūko down on the floor using a Taser. Eight years ago, Kyōhei and Aki found a cave in a forest at the village after passing by Mahiru, who has been exhausted from training. She follows them inside the cave, where the two find a kakashi, later recognized as Amaterasu, covered in glowing green moss. Amaterasu awakens and chases them outside the cave, and the three combine their efforts to take on Amaterasu, who has the ability to control one's mind. To prevent them from dying, Kyōhei saved Aki and Mahiru from getting hurt in the laser blast from Amaterasu, using Kukuri's left hand to repel the attack. 
11 "Hibino Kidnapped"
"Toraware no Hibino" (囚われの日々乃) 
September 14, 2011[5]
Although Mahiru has been in love with Kyōhei since he saved her eight years ago, Aki tells her that Kyōhei is in a relationship with Hibino. Later during the day, Moyako goes shopping with Hibino, but, when Moyako runs off to use the restroom, an envious Mahiru abducts Hibino and takes her to an apartment room, question her association with Kyōhei. After everyone is aware of this, Mahiru drops by the restaurant to see Kyōhei, who is very worried for Hibino. During this time, Fujima, Hiroshira's assistant, attempts to seduce Hibino while she is still tied down. Mahiru storms out when Kyōhei rejects her offer of coming back to the village with her. To act on this, Utao must use Kukuri to take Kyōhei and Moyako with her to locate where Mahiru is keeping Hibino. 
12 "Out of Control"
"Bōsō" (暴走) 
September 21, 2011[5]
Kūko, finding out that Hibino is held hostage inside a penthouse apartment room, knocks out Fujima and rescues her. However, when Hiroshima finds the two in the hallway, Kūko locks her in the stairwell, while she confronts Hiroshima by herself. Kūko shoots Hiroshima just in time Fujima wakes up, taking her with him to avoid trouble. Meanwhile at the stairwell, Mahiru, pondering why Kyōhei had given up his position as a Seki at the village long ago, is irritated when Hibino said that a power too strong will bring unhappiness. This makes Magatsuhi grab hold of Hibino and toss her into the air, but Kukuri manages to catch her and land the others down safely. Mahiru, so bent on having Kyōhei to herself, engages in battle again Utao. Kukuri manages to slice through Magatsuhi's control system, but this causes Magatsuhi to act on its own and capture Hibino, ignoring Mahiru's commands. Although Kukuri jams Magatsuhi into the rooftop antenna, this does not stop it from attacking recklessly. After Kōshirō fails to assist, Kirio charges Takemikazuchi toward Magatsuhi, but he accidentally stabs Kukuri instead, as it falls into the forest near the penthouse apartment. Kyōhei tries to pry open Magaysuhi's clutches to save Hibino, but he ends up being captured by Magatsuhi as well. 
13 "Kuga Kyohei, the Seki"
"Seki Kuga Kyōhei" (隻・枸雅匡平) 
September 28, 2011[5]
Kukuri reawakens under the control of Kyōhei after he was rendered unconscious from Magatsuhi. Kukuri mercilessly destroys Magatsuhi in retaliation. Kyōhei is taken to the hospital to be treated. Kirio and Mahiru run away from Kōshirō's sight, each having their concern for Kyōhei. On the hospital rooftop, Kyōhei blames himself for putting Hibino in danger because of his past with Aki and Mahiru. Hibino shares a kiss with him after saying that she would be happy to be a part of his life. Utao realizes that Kukuri is not responding to her anymore, so Moyako will need to take it back to the village to repair Kukuri. Aki appears on the balcony of the apartment and reconciles with Kyōhei before setting off again. Already knowing Kukuri was assigned previous Seki before her, Utao wonders if Kukuri will remember her after it chooses another Seki in the future. A scene shows Kyōhei utilizing the full power of Kukuri as he prepares to fight Amaterasu, which has now been regenerated after being buried under the Hyūga shrine. 


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