Kamiyashiro Station

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Kamiyashiro Station
Nagoya Kamiyashiro Station.jpg
Prefecture Aichi
(See other stations in Aichi)
City Nagoya
Ward Meitō
Neighborhood etc. Kamiyashiro 1-803
Postal code 465-0025
(in Japanese) 名古屋市名東区上社一丁目803
Year opened 1970
Rail services
Station number(s) H20
Operator(s) Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya
Line(s) Higashiyama Line
Statistics 10,999 passengers/day 2009
Aiga bus inv.svg There is a bus stop near this station

Kamiyashiro Station (上社駅 Kamiyashiro-eki?) is an above ground metro station located in Meitō-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan operated by the Nagoya Municipal Subway's Higashiyama Line. [1] It is located 18.6 rail kilometers from the terminus of the Higashiyama Line at Takabata Station. This station provides access to Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences.


Kamiyashiro Station was opened on 10 December 1970.[2] The wicket gates were automated to use the Manaca smart card system from 11 February 2011.



Kamiyashiro Station has two elevated opposed side platforms.


1 Higashiyama Line For Fujigaoka
2 Higashiyama Line For Sakae, Nagoya, and Takabata

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Coordinates: 35°10′25″N 137°00′25″E / 35.1736°N 137.0069°E / 35.1736; 137.0069