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Kamkorp Limited
Private company
Industry Research and Development
Headquarters United Kingdom
Website www.kamkorp.com

The Kamkorp Group is a privately held holding company, encompassing a wide range of businesses, owned by UK-based Indian businessman Kamal Siddiqi. Over the past twenty-five years, The Kamkorp Group of Companies has developed a world-class technologies pool with its core expertise in its proprietary highly energy efficient, optimised and fully integrated digital electric and hybrid electric powertrains and products for the transportation and industrial markets.

Notable Group Milestones[edit]

1991: Frazer-Nash Research New Ownership[edit]

Frazer-Nash Research Limited (FNR) is the flagship company of the Kamkorp Group, and is one of the world’s leading Research and Development companies. Frazer-Nash Research moves its focus to development of multi-motor EV powertrain technology. [1]

1998: Malaysian Commonwealth Games[edit]

Frazer-Nash Research manufactures and supplies 120 electric vehicles for the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The vehicles provided were also used by Team GB to navigate the Commonwealth Park.

2000: Sydney Olympic Games[edit]

Frazer-Nash was the exclusive supplier of electric vehicles to the Olympic Games in Sydney in September 2000, providing over 300 vehicles to carry police officers, officials, athletes and equipment around the Olympic Park.

2003: Metrail demonstrator Malaysia[edit]

Extending the Frazer-Nash powertrain platform, on the 18th of September 2003, Metrail part of the Kamkorp Group established a test demonstration facility for its Metrail low voltage Hybrid electric Monorail system in Nilai, Malaysia. The monorail was constructed over a 6-month period and was successfully operating for over 9 years.[2]

2004: Kamkorp Buys London Taxi manufacturer Metrocab[edit]

Ecotive Ltd, part of the Kamkorp Group of Companies, became the new owners of the Metrocab brand in 2004, collaborating with R&D Company Frazer-Nash Research Ltd to design and develop a new range-extended electric (REE) Metrocab taxi to meet the market demand for greener and more sustainable transport, providing Zero-Emissions Capability and complying with the forthcoming Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London. In 2014 the Metrocab became the world’s first REE Taxi licensed by any major metropolitan area in the world, a trial fleet was deployed in London marking this milestone. Ecotive Ltd have partnered with Global Manufacturing Specialist Multimatic to take this ground-breaking product into volume production, all in time for Mayor Boris Johnsons Zero-Emissions-Capable target date of 1st January 2018.

The Metrocab will be a global taxi targeting a global market, with municipalities worldwide looking to tackle their pollution problems. [3]

2011: Group Buys Luxury Car Maker Bristol Cars[edit]

Following a period of administration, the assets, heritage and goodwill of the former Bristol Cars Limited and Bristol Cars Services Limited were purchased by the Kamkorp Group.

Bristol Cars Limited and Bristol Cars Services Limited, part of Bristol Automotive Group, are engaged in the manufacturing and trading of hand-built iconic luxury cars with headquarters in Kensington, London. [4]

2014: The Kamkorp Group buys significant share in URT Group[edit]

URT Group is a leading composites manufacturer and engineering solutions provider. URT designs, machines and manufactures a wide range of composite components, large and small, for clients in a variety of services: defence, motorsport, automotive, marine, aerospace, and lifestyle products.[5]


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