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Nickname(s): The City of Rice & The City of Mosques
کامونکی is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 31°58′N 74°13′E / 31.967°N 74.217°E / 31.967; 74.217
Country  Pakistan
Region Punjab
District Gujranwala District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC+6)
Area code(s) 055

Kāmoki (Urdu: كاموكى‎), is a city of Gujranwala District located in Punjab, Pakistan, it has a population of 167,300.[1] The city is the capital of Kamoke Tehsil which is an administrative subdivision of the district, the city is itself subdivided into 8 Union Councils.[2] The city is located on the Grand Trunk Road 21 km from Gujranwala and 44 km from Lahore.


Kamoke is a name of a tribe of Chadhar Jat Muslims and Jatt Sikhs after which the town of Kamoke is named.

Chaudhry Kam Sing Virk established the foundation stone of Kamoke during the period of Mughal rule in the reign of emperor Akbar. The history of Kamoke is about 400 years. KAMMO was a Sikh Jatt his marhi (grave) is in the city but has deteriorated.


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