Kampaheswarar Temple, Thirubuvanam

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Kampaheswarar Temple
Kampaheswarar Temple is located in Tamil Nadu
Kampaheswarar Temple
Kampaheswarar Temple
Location in Tamil Nadu
Coordinates: 10°59′40″N 79°27′01″E / 10.99444°N 79.45028°E / 10.99444; 79.45028Coordinates: 10°59′40″N 79°27′01″E / 10.99444°N 79.45028°E / 10.99444; 79.45028
Other names: Kampaheswarar Temple
Country: India
State: Tamil Nadu
District: Thanjavur
Location: Thirubuvanam
Temple Details
Primary Deity: Kampaheswarar(Shiva)
Consort: (Parvathi)
Architecture and culture
Architectural styles: Dravidian architecture

The Kampaheswarar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva. It is situated in the town of Thirubuvanam on the Mayiladuthurai-Kumbakonam road. Shiva is worshipped as "Kampaheswarar" as he removed the quaking (Skt. Kampa) of a king who was being haunted by a Brahmarakshasa.


The temple follows the Dravidian style of architecture. An unusual feature of the temple is that the vimana is extremely high unlike other Dravidian-style South Indian temples.[1]


As per inscriptions found in the south wall of the temple, the shrine was constructed by the Chola king Kulothunga Chola III as a memorial of his successful North Indian campaign.[1]

The Temple[edit]

Image of Sarabeswarar

The main deity of the temple is Shiva lingam in the form of Kampaheswarar. There is a separate shrine for Sarabeswarar,[2] a fusion of man, eagle and lion - the deity is believed to have relieved the devas (celestial deities) from the furty of Vishnu in the form of Narasimha after he slayed Hiranyakasibu.[1] A sculpture of Sharbeshwaramurti in the Tribhuvanam temple, a Shiva temple in Tanjore district, in Tamil Nadu is seen with three legs, with body and face of a lion and a tail. It has four human arms, the right upper hand holds axe, noose is held in the lower right hand, the deer in the upper left hand and fire in the lower left hand. Narasimha is shown with eight arms, flaying and struggling under Sharbeshwaramurti’s feet.[3] The shrine has sculptures of Sridevi and Bhudevi, the consorts of Vishnu.[1]



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