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Kampli is located in Karnataka
Location in Karnataka, India
Coordinates: 15°14′N 76°22′E / 15.24°N 76.37°E / 15.24; 76.37Coordinates: 15°14′N 76°22′E / 15.24°N 76.37°E / 15.24; 76.37
Country  India
State Karnataka
District Bellary
Founded by kampilaraya
Elevation 414 m (1,358 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 39,307
 • Official Kannada
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Website www.kamplitown.gov.in

Kampli is a town in the Bellary district, Hospet taluk, in the Indian state of Karnataka. The town is situated about 15 km away from world famous Hampi.


Kampilaraya was then the chief of Kammitadurga in the Tungabhadra region; 

he was subordinate to the Emperor. He fought with admirable courage against the repeated attacks of the Sultan of Delhi and finally laid down his own life in the service of his country.

Kumara Rama is a revered as a central figure in the history of Karnataka State prior to the establishment of the Vijayanagar Empire. Kumara Rama was the son of the King Kampli Raya of Kampli or Kampli kote Kampli Fort. Kampli is a big town in Hospet taluq of Bellary district of Karnataka.

Kumara Rama (1290-1320), was an ideal prince and an embodiment of virtues, who stood by his father in waging relentless wars against the Kakatiya dynasty of Warangal, Hoysala Veeraballalas, and Muhammad bin Tughlaq. Kumara Rama died at a very young age battling the Muslim armies of Tughlaq and was the basis for the foundation of the Vijayanagar empire.He belonged to the Nayaka community and was a cousin of Harihara and Bukka.

Kumara Rama falls in love with an aboriginal girl who later becomes his father's wife due to some circumstances. Though Rama takes this development as a fall out of destiny, the lady does not reconcile to her fate and tries to seduce Rama to be with her. But Rama stands out for morals and will be humiliated by his mother. Then he becomes the victim of his lover's tricks and Kampila Raja orders for his execution. But his look-alike brother Chenig Rama sacrifices his life for him and then Rama wages battle against the onslaught of Tughlaq's army. He dies in the battle as a valiant fighter and his dignity is restored even in his death.

According to tradition, the mysore throne belonged to the Pandavas of Mahabharata fame and was in Hastinapura. Kampilaraya brought this throne from Hastinapura to Penugonda, now in Andhra Pradesh, where it was kept underground. In 1336 AD, Vidyaranya, the royal preceptor of the Vijayanagar kings, showed the spot where it was buried to Harihara I, one of the founders of the Vijayanagar empire, who retrieved the throne. The throne was then used by the Vijayanagar kings at Anegondi for more than a century and a half. During the early part of the 17th century the Governor of Vijayanagar rulers at Srirangapatna obtained the throne. In 1609, the governor Srirangaraya gave the throne to Raja Wodeyar. In 1610, Raja Wodeyar ascended the throne. Inaugurated the Dasara festivities. Epigraphical evidence shows that this royal throne was in the possession of Chikkadevaraya Wodeyar in 1699.

A Kannada movie was made in honour of the exploits of Kumara Rama called as Gandugali Kumara Rama. Shivaraj Kumar, the popular Kannada actor proytrayed the role of Kumara Rama.

(by hussain kampli)


Kampli is administered by town municipality. The town has many government offices such as a Primary Health Centre, Police Station, Registrar office, village office, Banks,Post office, Telephone exchange, Electricity board etc.


Kampli is an economic hub for its surrounding villages. On every Tuesday, vendors of various commodities assemble at the town's market for buying and selling. Kampli boasts nearly 20 rice mills, an accomplishnent for a small town. Agriculture is the backbone of its economy. The Tungabhadra River is a major source of irrigation for most of Kampli's agricultural land. The major crops in this area are Paddy, Sugar Cane, Banana and coconut.


Kampli has many educational institutions ranging from kindergarten to Degree colleges. The town also has couple of primary schools and high schools, specifically for girls. Some of the noted schools and colleges are: Govt First Grade College, Shamiachand Junior(S.M.G.J.) College,Kalmat High School,Govt Girls High School, Bharatiya Shishu Vidhyalaya (B.S.V), Govt primary schools, Govt Urdu school, Vidya Sagara Residential School, Sharadha Vidya Niketan, Vidyasagar, Bright way public school, Vijayanagara, Chetana School, Govt polytechnic college, shanthi vidyaniketha school,Srimathi Odso jademma primary, high school, PU college and ITI,Vidyaranya ITI college and Pragathi ITI and JTS (Junior Technical School)


Kampli has Four movie halls. Bharat Theatre, Chandrakala Theatre, Lakshmi Theatre, ganesh Theatre. It also has a theatre for performing plays and dramas (Nataraja Kala Mandira). The theatre has capacity of 200 people.


With the delimitation of constituencies by the [[Delimitation commission]], Kampli has been conferred an assembly constituency status.

In the Karnataka state assembly elections, 2013, the [[Bharatiya 

Janata Party]] candidate won the election by beating his Rebel Congress opponent by more than 35,000 votes. In the Town Municipal Elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party

 won with a major lead and Hemavathi  is the current municipal 



Kampli is located at: 15°24′N 76°37′E / 15.4°N 76.62°E / 15.4; 76.62.[2] It has an average elevation of 414 metres (1358 feet).


As of 2011 India census,[3] Kampli had a population of 39,307. Males constitute 50% of the population and females 50%. Kampli has an average literacy rate of 55%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 65%, and female literacy is 46%. In Kampli, 13% of the population is under 6 years of age. Kampli has spread around 16,363,627,77 squarefeets. It is a developing town,


Hotel GK towers is newly constructed lodging and boarding with 25 rooms(ac/ non ac optional) with well furnished, which is also approved by dep. of tourism, govt. of karnataka. there is one more hotel named Venkatadri, this is budget hotel.


Kampli is well connected by road to Gangavathi,Hospet and Bellary.

Long-distance bus routes[edit]

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) runs a bus service to other cities and villages. There are also various private bus services.


Hospet is the nearest railway station to Kampli and Hospet lies on Hubli-Guntakal line.


A Kampli Fan Made A facebook Page for Kampli. KAMPLI http://www.facebook.com/nammakampli

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