Kampong Som Group of Islands

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Kampong Som Islands is located in Cambodia
Kampong Som Islands
Kampong Som Islands
Location of the Kampong Som Group

The Kampong Som Group of Islands is a group of islands of Cambodia, located in the Gulf of Thailand. Islands include:

Koh Rong[edit]

Koh Rong (or Kaôh Rōng) is situated west of the Sihanoukville coast. It offers the fantastic strand of beach on its southwest, stretching about 5 km. It has fresh water resources on the island and a bustling fishing community on the southeast with basic supplies including fresh water, fish and crab.

Koh Rong Samloem[edit]

Koh Rong Samloem (or Kaôh Rōng Sâmlœn) is a nice island off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It includes a large heart-shaped bay with shellfish cultivation and beaches on the north coast towards Koh Rong.

Koh Tang[edit]

Koh Tang is some 60 miles southwest of the coast of Cambodia. The only inhabitants are Cambodian military personnel.

Koh Ta Kiev[edit]

Koh Ta Kiev

Koh Ta Kiev is an island South of Sihanoukville directly off the coast of the Ream National Park. It is the home to the largest concentration of Cambodian Naval vessels in the country and several empty beaches. The island has two fishing villages, a naval base, mango plantation, a guesthouse and a camp ground. The island is 6.70 km2 and is largely uninhabited, although long leases have been sold to foreign companies and the island awaits development.


Koh Russei, Koh Tres, Koh Kteah, Koh Preus, Koh Chaluh, Koh Koun, Koh Prins, Koh Poulo Wei, Koh Kaong Kang/Thass, Koh Puah, Koh Deig Gol (Pai), Koh Tuch, Koh Song Saa,...

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